Summer Camp

SEIPS loves providing opportunities for children to learn and grow through play, and this summer is no different! During summer holiday Camp SEIPS will explore thematic topics through sensory exploration and play based learning. Our mandarin and native english speaking co-teaching teams are excited to lay the foundations for an early love of learning and provide opportunities for your child to participate in a program rich with language. This summer allow your child to have fun and stay engaged both academically and socially through play based learning that encompasses all domains of learning. Activities are designed to provide young children with engaging developmentally appropriate opportunities that allow them to grow through play, social interactions, inquiry based learning, and exploration. Using play based learning centers, classrooms will make a transformation to allow of thematic exploration through games, activities, drama, construction, and art while Outside Play Experiences, Jungle Gym and Water Play provide additional opportunities for to expand on our topic.

To meet the needs of traveling families, SEIPS offers flexible enrollment from July 3rd to August 14th. You can enroll for one week or all seven!