Ankylos Update

Last Week of School!


We have had such a wonderful year this year with the Ankylos friends! We have seen them all grow into wonderful and imaginative children. We have been so proud of them as they continue to grow and change, using their problem solving skills and language abilities during play and class time. We hope that all of the SEIPS families have a safe and wonderful summer break and we look forward to having you all back on August 22nd.


IMG_20160616_103234 IMG_20160616_103054 IMG_20160616_102852


Present time!

IMG_20160616_101315_1 IMG_20160616_101012

Sharing so nicely with friends during our party.



Zumba fun with Ms. Barbara

IMG_20160614_085632 IMG_20160614_093516

Play time with good friends 😀


We had so much fun this week celebrating two birthdays! Both Oliver and Aavyan celebrated with the Ankylos class this week, turning 4!


IMG_20160613_143046   IMG_20160613_121256


IMG_20160614_120011_1 IMG_20160614_120756