Ankylos Update

Me & My School

Hi Ankylos families and friends!

This week we have all been superstars and we settled in so well! On Monday we were a little sad but we soon cheered up when we realised there were new things to play with all around the room!

Ankylos have done a fantastic job with learning our classroom routines. We now wash our hands, clean up our water bottles and put our photographs on our train. As the weeks continue our independence will extend to all manner of activities and life skills!

Ankylos had lots of fun using our bodies in all different ways, Miss Winnie taught us all about our senses which was super fun! We had to smell so many different kinds of liquids, some of us were super adventurous and wanted to even taste some of them! We also made some great play dough bodies.

We have all gained so much more confidence with participating in different activities and we loved playing with paint and shaving foam with Miss Nat. She helped us mix all different colours and then we used our hands and different toys to make all different shapes and wiggly lines…  we loved how messy it got!

Next week we will continue with the theme “Me & My School”.

Have a great weekend!

Winnie, Natalie, Cherry and Zhao

亲爱的甲龙班的家长们: 你们好!






Winnie, Natalie, Cherry and Zhao

Enjoy some photos!qing!



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