Stegs Update

Xin Nian Hao! Happy New Year! This week in the Stegs room, we are having a lot of fun celebrating our new theme, “All About China” with lots of creative ways for the Stegs to experience Chinese culture and tradition. In our drama corner, we have been playing, “Chinese Restaurant” and making noodles in a… More

Ceras Update

This week in English we have been basing our work on the story called, The Stone Soup. The Ceras really enjoyed the story and we talked lots about the message that the story tells and why it is important to share with others and help one another. From this, the children went off and designed… More

Raptors Update

Birthdays, hongbaos, dancing, dragons and driving trains! It’s either a crazy dream I had after eating too much cheese, or it has been just another week in the Raptors class. This week we started learning about Chinese New Year and we started to practice our Chinese New Year dance. We have some very graceful movers… More

Mammoths Update

Happy New Year:新年快乐 Our Healthy and Happy Start to Spring:我们健康快乐的开始 – 春节 Our Mammoths are clever observers! They quickly learned the best routine to stay healthy using our role play equipment and lots of creativity.     我们猛犸象班的孩子们都是聪明的小观察员,他们很快通过用角色扮演道具和想象力学会了如何保持良好的卫生健康习惯。   Great Social skills:好的社交技能 We wrapped up our baby dolls, taking care to wash, moved, feed, hydrated… More

T-Rex Update

This week at school it feels like our entire lives revolve Chinese New Years celebrations! Students welcome the Spring Festival with the sounds of beating drums and crashing cymbals. We are busy busy rehearsing the lion and dragon dance. Although many students may not be able to join our performance, we still enjoy practicing together.… More

Paras Update

This week the Paras have had lots of fun learning about Chinese New year! We have had some fun activities around colours and patterns that involved the Paras developing some maths and design & tech skills! First we were busily involved in a pattern session where the Paras chose a pattern involving a series of… More

Iguanos Update

{subheading} Spring Festival Storytime {/subheading} 春节的故事 The little Iguanos have been listening to stories about the upcoming Spring Festival. 小禽龙听了关于新年的故事。   The Iguanos sat around and we told the story of Monster Nian.  Soon after, Monster Nian visited and an epic battle ensued.  The little Iguanos fought the Monster Nian by throwing red paper into… More

Pachyos Update

转眼之间中国的农历新年即将来临。我们讨论了有关十二生肖的故事,孩子们都很清楚自己的生肖属相,对即将到来的狗年也都非常期待! Chinese New Year is coming up, so we talked about the story of the zodiac animals.  The children are really looking forward to the year of the dog! 我们分享了绘本《快乐》和《新年》。我们认识了汉字“快乐”,并尝试运用笔画组合汉字。在《新年》绘本中,我们了解了有关“年”的由来,以及过年的一些风俗习惯,孩子们很津津乐道的就是过年时都会得到很多红包。结合孩子的生活经验,我们用孩子们最熟悉的红包制作了“红包鱼”,寓意:年年有余!We read two books, Happy and New Year and practiced writing the characters together.  The children got really excited talking about “hongbao” and how we will… More

Plesios Update

This week we have been enjoying an array of Chinese New Year activities. The Plesios had a lot of fun learning about Chinese New Year greetings, the Chinese dragon and delicious dumplings. 这周我们正在享受一系列的中国新年活动。我们学习了很多有趣的东西,关于中国新年的问候,中国龙和中国美味的饺子 。 Our Monday started off with a calm and quiet Library session. We read a book about a little girl enjoying Chinese… More

Sabers Update

With our Chinese New Year Celebrations just around the corner, our Sabers have gotten stuck into our, ‘All About China’ theme this week. We have naturally focused our activities around the traditions, stories and songs that surround Chinese New Year. We began our week by adding some important features to our egg carton dragons to… More

Brontos Update!

这周我们继续迎接中国新年,我们做了很多新年装饰。用红包做的“年年有鱼”。 2018年是小狗年,我们选了四个不同颜色进行涂色创作。我们非常努力不让相邻的两个格子涂成一个颜色,这个过程非常困难。老师为我们的不懈努力的坚持精神而骄傲! 英语课上我们学习了26个字母最后的Z,并复习了所有的字母! 汉语语言课上我们新学了一首诗《元日》,作者王安石。这首诗是说新年的第一天发生的事情。 yuán rì 元日 wáng ān shí 王安石 bào zhú shēng zhōng yī suì chú ,爆竹声中一岁除 chūn fēng sòng nuǎn rù tú sū 。春风送暖入屠苏 qiān mén wàn hù tóng tóng rì ,千门万户曈曈日 zǒng bǎ xīn táo huàn jiù fú 。总把新桃换旧符 数学课上我们复习了时钟的认读,我们已经能够认读整点时间啦!我们还复习了和中国新年有关的形状,冬天的加法!我们喜欢数学! 体育课上我们围成一个圆圈,传递呼啦圈,努力不让它掉下来。这个游戏非常有趣!我们还练习瑜伽,我们已经学会了下犬式、猫式、三角式、眼镜蛇式等等很多瑜伽动作,我们喜欢做瑜伽! 致家长得温馨提示: 我们祝愿所有的家庭度过一个美好、安全和快乐的春节假期,并期待着新年过后再见到您。我们欢迎大家来参加2月13日周二上午在学校举行的新春游园会,从早上9:30开始。我们鼓励大家穿上中国的传统服装前来参加! 提醒大家,2月13日和14日,课外兴趣活动班暂停。 This week our little Brontos have been… More

Pteros Update

Pteros的更新 We continued our Chinese New Year theme this week with lots of fun games and activities. One of the highlights of the week was a special visit from Felicia’s Daddy; who bought us a real dinosaur egg fossil to observe. Our Pteros were very interested to see and touch the 3 dinosaur eggs and… More

Ankylos Update

Hello everyone! Ankylos have had a great week learning all about Chinese New Year. Miss Winnie helped us to make beautiful Chinese lanterns in our Art centre. First we had to paint paper rolls in all different colours by rolling them in a tray. We love getting really messy! When they were all dry Miss… More