Pachyos Update

It has been another busy week in the Pachyos class. We are using pictures to move from center to center and are working on waiting for a center to open when it is full.  So far the Pachyos are doing a great job!  This week we have started exploring the 5 senses.  We started out… More

Plesios Update

蛇颈龙班的更新       This week in the Plesios class, we learned all about ourselves, our bodies and our names. We practiced our book-handling skills in library class and enjoyed being paired up to read stories together. The Plesios love looking at the pictures and explaining what they see. During art and sensory, we made… More

Sabers Update

  As we enter our third week in Sabers Class, I am delighted to say that our little Sabers are continually progressing and showing that they are more and more comfortable with their new teachers, classroom and friends. This week , we have continued to build on our theme ‘All About Me & My School’… More

Ceras Update

What a fantastic week we have had in the Ceras class! We have been learning about team work and how, if we work together, we can make things better in our classroom. We have been working on a class masterpiece that will soon be displayed for everyone to see! In doing this, the Ceras have… More

Raptors update

This week we really started to focus on our first unit, All About Me. We started to practice our face and body vocabulary by singing heads shoulders knees and toes. We made a healthy salad for all of us to eat to keep our bodies strong and we made puzzles of our faces. We also… More

Brontos Update

The Brontos have had such a busy week! They have been making their own ‘mini me’ characters to use during our centre sessions. The children have really enjoyed creating games with their characters and carrying them around to different activities. It has also been a great visual reminder to show how many Brontos can be… More

Iguanos Update

{heading} Iguanos Update{/heading} 禽龙班更新   {subheading} Our Neighbourhood and Firemen. {/subheading} 我们的街区和消防员 This week we have been looking at our neighbourhood. The children kicked off the week by making buildings. They are using the glue sticks really well. Their fine motor skills are improving every day. 这个星期我们一起探索我们的街区,本周孩子们一起造楼房,他们可以很好的使用胶棒。他们的小肌肉每天在得到锻炼。 The children have practiced being firemen. Everyone dressed… More

Mammoths Update

What a Creative Week for Mammoths!!! 猛犸象班的创意周! We really had a super fun time making music with classroom items, designing clouds with all our sensory supplies and painting everything from kites to old cartons! Taking care of ourselves, we learned how to select and wear our messy play and eating aprons. We found it fun… More

T-Rex Update

Hello!  Another great week here in the T-Rex class. 大家好!这又是在T-rex班级里的丰富的一周。 This week has seen the transition towards more academics focused learning.  Children are first asked to “sign in” with their name and then are directed towards morning bell work when coming to school. 这一周我们将更多的活动重点过渡到了学习这个区域。孩子们在清晨来到学校,首先需要“签到”(以此来练习名字书写),然后可以开始他们的清晨练习时间。 In our English class we are hard at work exploring initial… More

Pteros Update

Pteros的更新     大家好!又到了每周博客时间了啦!很高兴也很激动地想和爸爸妈妈们及时分享孩子们在学校里的生活。本周Pteros来了一位新朋友,她的名字叫Felicia,她很快就和小朋友们玩到了一起。欢迎新朋友来到Pteros班级! 本周,我们的主题还是“关于我”。我们用图形:正方形,长方形,圆形和椭圆形拼出了一个小人,然后再用水彩笔画出小人的五官。孩子们通过自己对人体结构的认识,用图形拼出了形态各异有趣的小人。孩子们告诉我们他们的小人有的在踢球,有的在跳舞,还有的小人看着窗外想事情。 我们还学习了英文字母“A”。Kate老师先教了孩子们字母的发音,接着用有趣的发声儿歌让孩子们记住它的发音。她用字母A联想到了“鳄鱼”的英文。孩子们在字母A上装上了大牙齿和大眼睛,做出了一条大鳄鱼。 我们还用了好多半圆的图形,长方形,简单的白纸,让孩子们在地上摆出人的样子。孩子们第一次见到这些图形,就开始了自己的创作,做出来的小人非常生动,有想象力。通过对图形的摸索,孩子们用自己的已有经验做出了自己心目中的人。从自身的经验出发,再去学习摸索会让他们学得更好。 这礼拜谈论很多的就是正确的选择和错误的选择。我们制作了一块板在圆圈时间讨论哪些事情是正确的我们应该做的,哪些是不好的,小朋友不喜欢的。比如对着同伴吐口水,抢别人玩具,推人等都是我们不喜欢的行为。我们喜欢别人跟我们分享玩具,一起安静地看书等。 Hello Families, What a busy week we have had here in Pteros class. We have welcomed a new friend to our class, Felicia who joined us for the first time this week! We have been learning about our bodies through songs and games that teach us the… More

Stegs Update

All About Myself, My School, My Friends Our third week in Stegs has gone by so quickly, however I guess time flies when you are having fun! Now that the children have all settled into our classroom routine, our first educational focus is teaching the children about self-care, both at home and at school. In… More

Paras Update

This third week of school has been lovely as we continued our “All About ME” theme. Continuing our introduction to school, Teacher Vivian and I have also been discussing our schedule with great success as our Paras have begun to communicate our next move! Some have even started to answer questions like “Where are we… More

Ankylos Update

Hi Ankylos families and friends! Ankylos have had a wonderful week! We have all really settled in to our classroom and routines and love being at school. This week we have had lots of different activities in our centres including; washing babies, a ball drop onto a mirror, cooking and washing up in the home… More