Sabers Update

  Hello Sabers friends and families! Spring is always a super fun time for our little friends and the sun has finally come out to warm us up. This week we have started our interesting new theme: Recycling. To finish the week, we were all very excited to take part in our school’s ‘Earth Day’… More

Mammoths Update

  Recycling Topic: 主题:循环利用 Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle! 节约、再利用和回收! What a super fun week we have had learning about the 3 important R’s!! We creatively re-used plastic, card and paper and loved sorting and classifying recyclable materials. We saw just how yucky pollution is and learned how to have fun taking care of our planet.… More

Stegs Update

Recycled Art Week! Stegs have been learning all about recycled materials this week as we made crocodiles from recycled egg cartons and frog masks from recycled paper plates. We also played a fun matching game to celebrate Earth Day in which we sorted paper, plastics, glass, and aluminium into it’s own box. This week we… More

Raptors Update

This week we wrapped up our Spring unit with one of the most common Spring animals, birds! First we learned some of the different species of birds. We also learned that baby birds are called chicks. Then we started to learn about some of the differences and similarities between different bird species. We learned that… More

Pteros Update

Pteros的更新 This week’s highlight was undoubtedly our assembly performance. The children were very excited to show off their singing and dancing skills and we are very proud of how bravely they all took to the stage; such growing confidence is wonderful to see. We have recorded the performance on USB, if you would like to… More

Iguanos Update

{subheading}Aquatic Animals and Recycling海洋动物和环保周{/subheading}   我们小禽龙们又开始了崭新的一周,我们在这一周里学习了很多的关于环保的艺术作品制作。任何在大家看起来很普通的材料我们都可以变废为宝,在本周的一些活动中,小禽龙们展现出了对于色彩的更多好奇心, The Igunaos have been learning about recycling this week. The little Iguanos have been making lots of different recycled crafts. The little Iguanos are getting so good at naming all of the colours now. 我们周一一起学习关于海洋夏天主题的环保的美术和手工。美味的冰激凌装饰上可爱的笑脸,孩子们爱不释手,拿在手里叫卖着。可爱的水母串上吸管的游戏孩子们很喜欢,锻炼了手眼协调和小肌肉的精细动作能力。 We continued part of our ocean theme by making a jellyfish. The little Iguanos… More

T-Rex Update

在四月我们开始了动物的主题,继上周的陆地动物之后,在本周我们一起来学习了飞行动物! In this month of April, we are learning all about animals. It’s…Animals April! This week we are talking about our feathered flying friends. 在中文课上,我们重点学习了三种飞行动物,分别是老鹰,鹦鹉和猫头鹰。一起来讨论了老鹰的眼睛,鹦鹉会学说话,猫头鹰的耳朵,在这个过程中孩子们试着使用形容词来描述这些动物的特长,我们还通过游戏卡片将这些词组组合成句子(组词成句游戏,比如:猫头鹰的耳朵很灵敏。)在这周我们学习的句子是“我也是!”,并完成了阅读本《鸟儿和我》。 In Chinese class, we learned about three kinds of flying animals. Eagles, parrots, and owls. We learned about an eagle’s excellent eye sight, parrot’s chattering voice, and owl’s sensitive ears.… More

Ceras Update

This week, we have continued our topic about animals and linked it to the environment. The children have been very interested to learn about how pollution is effecting animals and their habitats and how we can protect the endangered animals. In Chinese class, we learned the different characters for the animals and learnt some short… More

Plesios Week 29 Update

蛇颈龙班的更新   We kicked off the week with a nice story about animals and colours in our library time. The Plesios are able to name their colours in Mandarin and English and enjoyed finding the different colours on each page. To tie in with our colourful animal story, we made a fun snail for our… More

Paras Update

We have had a lovely time continuing our Spring and Growing theme. This week we began with creating some butterflies! Using paint and paper we also used this as an opportunity to learn about symmetry. The Paras really enjoyed discussing what would happen once we opened our folded papers and they had lots of fun… More

Brontos Update!

这周我们继续“动物”的主题,我们讨论了动物们住的地方,有沙漠、海洋、陆地、雨林等等。我们很喜欢海洋动物,在数学课上,我们玩“大鱼吃小鱼”的游戏来学习减法。这可有意思了!我们还复习了10的组合,我们可以很快说出哪两个数字可以组成10。老师说我们很努力学习! 英文语言课上我们继续复习oo的两种不同发音。我们开动脑筋想含有oo的词,我们还认真练习oo的书写。中文语言课上我们讨论各种动物的特性。我们玩“小马过河”复习学过的汉字。 春天真好,有温暖的阳光和清新的空气。所以我们和pachyos在户外操场上一起上体育课。我们扮演不同的小动物,在10秒中内过“河”,不然就要被“鳄鱼”吃掉喔! “音乐”是这个世界上最美妙的东西之一。在这周的音乐课上,我们认识了很多乐器,有钢琴、小提琴、康佳鼓、架子鼓、吉他、萨克斯风、手风琴、沙锤,等等。我们热爱的大自然给了我们很多灵感,我们用沙锤、鼓和铃鼓,和着森林里的动物声音,进行演奏。老师说我们都是小小演奏家! 这周我们迎来了“地球日”活动。今年地球日主题为:“珍惜地球资源 转变发展方式 倡导低碳生活”。在家,我们和爸爸妈妈一起用回收材料做了各种作品:机器人、花、架子鼓、篮球场、魔术师帽子等等。在幼儿园,我们将各种可以再利用的材料带到幼儿园里,结合我们的主题“动物”,进行创作。周五我们在体育馆里进行垃圾分类。此外,我们讨论可以有什么办法保护我们的地球,我们一起做了一张大海报告诉大家我们的想法和倡议。我们想说:“请大家一起来保护我们的地球!” This week the Brontos have been busy collecting recycled materials for our Earth Day celebration! They have made some masterpieces too! We have recycled robots, flowers, whales and even a basketball court in our classroom! We have also been focusing on the number 10, thinking about doing a… More

Pachyos Update

本周我们继续“动物”的主题。我们复习了汉字“爬、跳、游、飞”,孩子们时常在区域活动时选择汉字描写的游戏。数学活动我们玩了“吃小鱼”的游戏。从中引出了10以内的“+1,-1”算式,并了解了“=”的意思。同时,我们还练习了有序排列,组拼出一条条有规律的小蛇。We continued our animals theme and reviewed Chinese characters for climbing, jumping swimming and flying.  We practiced adding and subtracting one from ten using small fish and a shark to eat them.  The children also practiced repeating patterns making snakes.  Some were even able to make more complex patterns like “Yellow, yellow, blue.” 结合雨林动物,在区域中我们投放了大量的关于“水”的游戏。孩子们可以通过图片复习数量和数字的配对。投掷骰子决定每个人前进的格子数。我们还学习了“F”的发音及游戏。We talked… More

Pteros Update

Pteros的更新 Welcome back to school after a relaxing Easter and Qing Ming holiday break! We have jumped straight into our next theme: Spring. We are learning to share our observations of plants, animals, sounds, smells and colors that Spring has brought into our environment. We experienced planting our own seeds in the classroom, which we… More