Ceras Update

The Ceras enjoyed a nice week together. During the week, we went on to discuss the topic of nature which links nicely with our topic of the climate last week. The Ceras are very interested in this theme and they gather together to play “season games”. They are beginning to understand the difference between the… More

Pachyos Update

Autumn/ We have started on our Autumn theme.  We turned our role play area into an apple picking orchard with an indoor and outdoor area.  We use the apples to categorize by color and count up to fifteen.  We talked about more Autumn fruit and played a new game.  We read a book about why… More

Iguanos Update

{subheading} It’s Cold! Where are our Winter Clothes? {/subheading} 动物的脚印 Happy Birthday to Maria! Another little Iguanos is now 2 years old. They are all growing up so fast. Time flies by when you are having fun. 生日快乐,Maria!我们另外一名小禽龙也2岁了。他们都长得很快!快乐的时光总是那么快过去。 This week the Iguanos have been looking at Winter clothing. The children have been practising a dance… More

Pteros Update

Pteros的更新     “我是小小宇航员,坐着小火箭,轰隆隆飞上天,去摘小星星。”本周,Pteros的小小宇航员们围绕着宇宙的主题,参与了好多有趣的活动。 宇航员们需要乘坐小火箭才能飞上天。孩子们用餐巾纸芯包上了黄色的纸,然后再用贴纸装饰,接着在顶上装上盖子,最后用红色和橙色的纸条贴出火焰。我们的小火箭就这样制作完成了。太空这么大,有了想火箭就能去更多的星球探索啦! 在宇宙探索的过程中,偶遇了外星人,外星人们坐着飞碟到处闲逛。我们用紫色的颜料涂满了纸盘,撒上亮粉,干了以后再贴上贴纸装饰。在体育课上,我们用我们制作的飞碟进行了比赛。孩子们把飞碟那在手里用力往外甩,看谁的飞碟飞得最远,好好玩呀。 在英文小组学习上,本周学习的字母是“G”。G是葡萄的开头字母,大家用小圆沿着字母G的轨迹贴满,最后在上面装上叶子。一串漂亮的葡萄就制作完成啦。 最近大家喜欢听《爸爸,我要月亮》的故事。故事里的爸爸爬上了很长的梯子去为女儿摘月亮。Pteros的小朋友也想要摘月亮,他们在纸上用黑色和蓝色画上了夜晚的颜色,然后撒上金色和银色的亮粉。等纸干了以后,我们用小木棍拼出了梯子的样子,接着剪下月亮贴在空中。   Our Pteros have really enjoyed this month’s Space theme. We have learned about planets, rockets, aliens and UFO’s through role playing, sensory table, storybooks and songs. One of our favorite games to play has been flying in the box rocket to the moon. We played in… More

Plesios W12 Update

蛇颈龙班的更新   This week we continued our fun learning of all occupations in our community. We focused on people in the medical field as well as people that work on farms. We celebrated Pedro’s 4th Birthday in style by wearing Transformers hats. Congratulations Pedro! We had a great time making a Doctor’s badge in Art… More

Paras Update

As expected, the Paras are loving our Space theme! In the beginning of the week we finished our big planet Earth that is now presented in our class room. The final touches included gluing some cotton pads (clouds) onto the poster board to represent the idea that clouds can be everywhere – on land and… More

Brontos Update!

The Brontos have been learning Autumn songs this week; they love ‘Autumn Leaves’ and ‘I’m a Little Hedgehog’ We have also been reading Autumn stories and started to learn about poems and rhyming words. The children are already hearing the difference between words that rhyme and words that do not. 这周Brontos开始“秋天”主题的学习生活。我们唱了《Autumn Leaves》,《I’m a Little Hedgehog》,《秋天到》,并跟着优美的旋律跳舞。我们开始学习押韵,我们能够在歌曲中听出一些押韵的词。这个星期我们新学了“上”和“大”,我们喜欢用身体做汉字!我们还复习了一些基础的笔画,老师为我们感到骄傲!… More

T-Rex Update

这周,在孩子们努力学习基础知识的同时,我们仍然在讨论一些关于自然的日常知识。 This week, children have been hard at learning about nature and extreme weather. We are laying the foundations for a lifelong of learning about our natural surroundings. 在英文课上,我们一起讨论了各种不同的极端天气。孩子们一起在阅读课上学着将他们读出来,有龙卷风,飓风,海啸,暴风雪,和雷暴雨。在我们的写字课上,我们一起写了,如果我们站在雨中会发生一些什么。在发音课上,我们复习了元音,以及在组词中他们的重要性。 In our English class, we discussed different forms of extreme weather. Children read about tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, blizzards, and thunder storms in our guided reading class.… More

Mammoths Update

Woodland Animals:丛林动物 “Twit Twoo” We really discovered life in the woods this week. From small spiders building big webs to huge grizzly bears finding honey! “Twit Twoo”本周我们真的在探索丛林生物。 从小蜘蛛织网到大灰熊找蜂蜜! The classical book ‘Owl Babies’ sparked our interest in nocturnal wildlife and we really had fun being animals ourselves with our cute animal hand puppets and rattling… More

Sabers Update

Sabers have been super lucky to gain yet another new friend this week! We have all happily welcomed our new German friend Anthony to our little Sabers Family with open arms. 剑齿虎班级的队伍在逐渐的壮大中,随之我们又迎来了一位新朋友:Anthony,他是来自德国的一位新朋友,非常勇敢的他在本周的第一天没有哭闹的情绪,剑齿虎欢迎你的到来, 感谢你加入我们剑齿虎这个大大家庭。在这里我们还要表扬下我们上周的新朋友Andrew(zhang),在这周哭闹情绪逐渐减少了,也开始慢慢适应了我们剑齿虎班级的日常安排活动,加油,剑齿虎! As the Autumn leaves gradually fall, we continue to focus our learning around our Autumnal theme. We have developed a greater understanding… More

Raptors update

Finally, the weather is on the turn and we can start learning about Autumn in actual Autumnal weather, not 25 degree heat! This week we have been thinking about the weather, Autumn colours and how the change in the weather is changing trees. To build on this, we have decorated our Autumn tree in the… More

Ankylos Update

Hello Everyone, Ankylos have continued to learn all about Autumn this week and we have been thinking all about the colours we see all around us. We mixed some colours on a page using red, yellow and brown, it was lots of fun getting messy and mixing it altogether! Miss Natalie helped us to draw… More

Stegs Update

Autumn has Arrived! We are celebrating the beautiful changes of Autumn in our class this week by playing with corn, seeds and leaves in our sensory area. The children also likes playing with and smelling blocks of real wood. Our drama area has become a farmers market, selling lots of Autumn produce such as pumpkins,… More