Summer Camp Week 3 – Navigators 1&2 Update

We’re keeping cool in July during our third week of Summer Camp! The theme of the week is Camping in the Arctic! We have been enjoying so many fun snowy activities this week such as hiding in the igloo, shovelling snow, and sleeping in a bear cave. In our art area this week, we have… More

Summer Camp Week 3 Explorers 1&2

  The third week of Camp SEIPS was all about camping in the snow, we cannot wait to tell you all about it!   In the P.E. area of our classroom we played with snowballs which we made ourselves by crumpling up paper into a ball! We enjoyed this game so much as was shown… More

Summer Camp Week 2: Navigators 1 & 2 – Update

Week 10-14 July, 2017 Theme: Camping in the Jungle   Dear lovely families,   We are having a fantastic time during Week Two of Summer Camp, themed: Camping in the Jungle. The Navigators have been enjoying the classroom camp out, complete with animal furs and telescopes for exploring. This week our gross motor area also… More

Summer Camp Week 2: Explorers 1 & 2 – Update

Week of July 10-14, 2017 The Great Outdoors超赞的户外活动 Exploring our Jungle丛林探险 ‘Walking through the Jungle, Walking through the Jungle!’’ We loved this catchy song and really enjoyed re-enacting walking through a great big jungle! We roared like lions, stomped like elephants and gave it our best at being silly monkeys! Friday’s event wrapped up our… More

Summer Camp Week 1: Navigators 1 & 2 Update

Beach Camping Hello everyone! Welcome campers, to the first week of SEIPS summer camp! This week our Navigators have been having fun playing beach camping and exploring everything sea related! In our art corner, we have been using our imagination to create our own art projects with sand, seashells, clay, and pirates treasure. The sensory… More

Pachyos Update

  [subheading] The Birdie Book. [/subheading]   Here is a copy of the Birdie book that went home with all of the children today. 这是今天小朋友带回家的关于小鸟的书。 Enjoy the book and pictures we have attached to the blog this week. We are looking forward to our performance next Tuesday and we hope you all enjoy our show!… More

Pteros Update

We cannot believe it is already the last full week of school!  It has certainly been a wonderful year!  We talked more about healthy food choices and how the insides of our bodies work.  We had races in P.E and tried to keep balloons from touching the ground.  We also practicing singing and dancing for… More

Stegs Update

Our Last Week as Stegs What an exciting and busy last week we have had in our Stegs Class. This week we have been wrapping up our learning about frogs with some messy fun in the sensory area, playing with shaving foam and scoops. We have taken our learning outside as we discussed how much… More

Ceras Update

Stomp, Chomp and Roar!! For we are the Dinosaurs!! Stomp,Chomp and Roar!! 因为我们是恐龙! What a terrific week!多么美好的一周! Once we got over the surprise at how fast this term has flown by we have loved celebrating our lively Ceras! 我们惊讶于这个学期过得飞快,我们喜欢和Ceras活泼的孩子们一起庆祝! This weeks topic has been dinosaurs and our happy Ceras are absolute super stars in their excitement and… More

Brontos Update

Brontos Update 雷龙班更新 This week in Brontos class 本周的雷龙班 It has been a fun week in Brontos class as we finished our unit on Transportation, reviewing all the different kinds of land, sea, air and space with Teachers Penny and Robert this week. We have also been practicing our End of Year Performance, complete with… More