Ankylos Update

We hope that all of the Ankylos and their families enjoyed our end of year performance this week. The Ankylos all had fun practicing and getting our costumes ready! Whilst we were rehearsing this week, we still had fun and opportunities to learn about air transportation!      Waiting so patiently for our turn to… More

Mammoths Update

Performance Week  It was a super exciting time this week as we rehearsed our end of year performance songs and even got to practice at the Benz Arena a few days before the show.   Morning Circle After reviewing our Morning Circle games we looked at the action words Drive, Row, Fly and Ride. We… More

Pteros Update

Performance Week We had such a wonderful and fun week this week! The Pteros did an incredible job on Wednesday at our End of Year Performance! We are so proud of our big football players! We wanted to say a big thank you to all of the parents for coming on Wednesday, and sending us… More

Plesios Update

        Monday This week will be jam-packed with performance practice, singing and dancing.  We dressed up in our uniforms and practiced in the gym today.  The Plesios did really well!  They had a lot of fun watching everyone else’s performances as well.   We read some short stories later in the day… More

Sabers Update

The Big Day! What superstars we have in SEIPS! The saber’s were absolutely amazing up on stage for our big end of year performance. They stood proud, showing their friends and family how much they have grown into confident performers. It has been a wonderful run up to this big event and the children had… More

Brontos Update

Brontos have had a great week preparing for our performance. We practiced hard and it paid off when we were such superstars on the stage! We hope you enjoyed it all! We also said goodbye to both Abbey and Lorenzo this week as they are taking an extended holiday. We will miss them so much… More

Stegs Update

The Stegs did a fantastic job at their end of year performance.  We were so impressed with how well everyone did on stage and in practices.  We started out the week by taking the school bus to the arena to practice.  The Stegs waited patiently for their turn and enjoyed seeing some of the other… More

T-Rex Update

What a fantastic week we had preparing for our End of Year Performance, and then FINALLY getting to show you! We hope you all enjoyed watching your children. They were stars, and we are so proud of them! Here are some pictures we have received so far.   Each day next week we will have… More

Paras Update

Theme of the week: Air transportation   Literacy This week, our Chinese character was fly / 飞 . During English literacy we did review all the letters we did so far. And they did it well. So many fun things for little hands to do: Pre- Writing practice, cutting practice and more!   End Of… More

Pachyos Update

This week has been a busy bee one with a focus on the end of year performance. We are so extremely proud of all the Pachyo Kung Fu children, they were stars on the day We also celebrated Sanskriti’s birthday on Friday and we all devoured a piece of delicious Elsa cake. Next Wednesday will… More