SEIPS Air Quality

Dear Parents, We would like to share with you all our monthly report from last months air quality monitoring. As a kind reminder, please find information below providing an explanation of the components that are measured. PM is the term for particulate matter found in the air, including dust, dirt, soot, smoke, and liquid droplets.… More

Introducing our Pre-Primary Class

Dear parents, For the 2016-2017 school year, we will have a new program for our 5-6 year olds: Pre-Primary. Our Pre-Primary class will prepare students for the transition from preschool education and care to international or bilingual primary school. The SEIPS “Stepping Stones Curriculum” has been designed and based on internationally recognised developmental continuums and… More

How do extracurricular activities promote a well-rounded education?

There are so many ways in which a strong extracurricular program can provide children with an engaging and better-rounded education. Often parents don’t return home from work in time to meet children after school so extracurricular activities can provide children with interesting, engaging activities and experiences that will help them learn academic and social skills… More

U.N Day Celebrations

For the kids at SEIPS, U.N Day is all about celebrating the diversity of our school. We celebrated by dressing up in national costumes, sharing traditional foods and information about our homelands. This year we decided to celebrate with a full morning of fun activities! The children discovered the 7 continents moving from activity to… More

Early Literacy

The view on Early Literacy has changed drastically in the past decade. Research shows, that pre- writing and pre- reading activities can be incorporated into a preschoolers life quite early and he will benefit from it lifelong. The first three years of life are most important and the experience that one makes in these young… More

Activity Week

March 11th – 15th is Activity Week! Activity Week is an opportunity for Nursery & Kindergarten students to interact with children from other classes and participate in activities held by different Teachers. Children will be placed into 5 different groups with children from all 5 classes (Mammoths will hold their own Activity week within their… More

Santa Claus is coming to town, is he?

Last weekend our family met with friends over some hot chocolate and Christmas cookies to celebrate the 1st Advent. That was also the day when we put up the tree in our house and lit the first of four candles on our advent wreath. The whole morning while listening to Christmas carols and decorating the… More

Parent Teacher Conferences

During the school year SEIPS holds two Parent Teacher Conferences, In November and May. These conferences are designed to provide Parents and Teachers the opportunity to sit down and discuss in detail how your child is doing at school. We encourage parents to make use of the appointments, as this is a great opportunity to… More

Recycled Art Fair Exhibition

If you made it to our reception area this morning you were probably stunned by all the amazing recycled art works that the students brought in yesterday. On thursday everyone got the chance to proudly share with their class mates what they did at home with parents and siblings and for the next couple of… More

Literacy month at SEIPS

The whole month of May is dedicated to books, reading, early literacy, authors and everything else that has to do with literacy. There are always things that you can do at home to emphasize a good reading habit. Here are just a few ideas and practical ways to prepare your child for reading and early literacy:… More