Primary Prep- School Readiness

The American Academy of Pediatrics defines in short school readiness in their online publication as the following: “Readiness” in the child, defined by: • Physical well-being and motor development, including health status, growth, and disability; • Social and emotional development, including turn-taking, cooperation, empathy, and the ability to express one’s own emotions; • Approaches to… More

Table Games

You might have noticed that we have added a new subject to our timetable for Nursery 1 to Kindergarten 2 students called “table games”. To put it simple, table games are games that are played in groups at the table. Depending on the age this can be anything from a memory game, to a game… More


Having worked on the new lunch menu in the past few weeks I have done extensive research in nutrition. Because of the many different nationalities at SEIPS most interesting for me was pediatric nutrition in different cultures. When it comes to food, every nation and culture seems to have a strong opinion on what children should or shouldn’t… More

Toddlers and Whining

I was recently asked by a Bumps & Babes- Member what techniques to use to stop whining in a toddler. Because every parent can relate to this nerve- racking behaviour I have decided to share this article in this blog, too. We’ve all heard it and it makes us go crazy- this annoying whiny voice.… More

First day at school

The first time at preschool is an exciting and challenging step for the whole family. It is normal if child and parents have difficulties in the beginning to adjust to this new situation. This short guide is intended to help ease you and your child’s start into his/her first or new preschool routine. Preparation: Make… More

When to enroll my toddler to preschool? We are expecting our second baby

The easiest way would be to have your toddler start preschool a while before the baby is due. This way you will have enough time to settle him in and make sure he adapts well in the new environment. If you choose to enroll your toddler after the baby is born wait for one to… More

Picky Eaters

It is very common in Toddlers to have phases were they eat very little or like only one particular dish. Those phases come and go and I always advise parents to give them not too much attention or at least don’t let your Toddler know that this worries you. The last thing you want is… More

What to look for in a good preschool

Every child is different, every family situation is different and so is the perfect age to start preschool. Some children are more than ready to start at the age of 2 and others aren’t. There is not one indicator alone that can tell you whether your son is ready for preschool or not. Have a… More

Shyness in children

To help your child overcome his shyness in large groups you and your husband can act as good role models. Whenever you meet with friends, be sure to be the first one to greet. When you go into a shop say “Hi” to the shop assistant and show a friendly smile. Complement a stranger about… More


Find a good time to tell your child that you are moving back. Ideally that is around 6 weeks before the actual move. Telling him very early might worry him for a long time but on the other hand he needs enough time to digest the news. However, don’t risk that he hears the news… More