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Christmas Celebrations

We had such a wonderful time celebrating Christmas this year at SEIPS! Our final week before winter holiday was full of fun events and parties. The toddler and nursery 1 classes had a special Christmas assembly in the morning, during which they showcased the holiday songs they had been practising. The costumes and dancing were… More


Visiting the Fire Station

We had the chance to visit a real fire station on Tuesday, which was a wonderful extension of our “Community Helpers” theme. We were very lucky to have our field trip the day before the temperature dropped- brrrrrrr! Our visit was a huge hit, as our students are reaaaaaally big fans of firefighters! We really enjoyed touring the… More

Seasonal Greeting Cards

Dear Parents:   As Christmas is approaching, we are offering the production of seasonal greeting postcards with portraits of your child or children in a Christmas setting. A professional photographer, specialized in taking photos of children in various settings, will take the photos. The photo sessions take place in the week of November 30th and… More

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Heart to Heart Charity Drive

Dear parents, As the holiday season approaches, we are gearing up for our 5th annual charity drive for Heart to Heart. At SEIPS, we wish to instill in our students a feeling of thankfulness for all that we have by giving to other who have less than we do. We will be collecting donations to… More



This past Friday, our school was taken over by witches, monsters, superheroes, and a plethora of other spooky and mystical creatures. Thank you so much to all of the parents, students and teachers who really got into the Halloween spirit and wow’ed us with your costumes! We had a great time participating in all sorts of fun Halloween… More


UN Day

At SEIPS, our students hail from over 30 countries. We are very proud of our diversity, and of the opportunity it gives our students to make friends from all over the world. To celebrate UN day last Friday, we invited our children to come dressed in traditional clothes from their home countries, and the outfits were beautiful!… More

Parents’ Notice Board

Dear SEIPS parents, I would like to inform you that we have put up a bulletin board in the parents lounge. We invite you to use this board to share any notices or announcements with the other parents. Thank you! Warmest regards, Sarah


Mid-Autumn Festival

We had such a wonderful celebration for the Mid-Autumn Festival! Thank you so much to all of our SEIPS students and families for getting involved during the party, and for making beautiful lanterns beforehand. We love to celebrate holidays at SEIPS, and judging by our first party, it’s going to be a fantastic year! Within our… More

Bootcamp with Roy

Dear sport enthusiastic parents: I would like to introduce Personal Trainer Roy Beale to you. Roy is from the UK and has got 8 years of experience as a personal trainer. He offers outdoor sports classes at several locations very close to SEIPS. Bootcamp is a fun group fitness class and exercises vary from day… More

End of Year Performance 2014-2015 DVD

Dear Parents, It is with excitement and delight that we share the update that the EOYP (End of Year Performance) 2014 – 2015 DVD copies are now available! You can get a copy from the school reception. We hope you will have a wonderful time replaying the amazing performances we had witnessed at the Mercedes… More