First Steps

SEIPS offers its youngest students a play-based curriculum taught through hands-on, creative and curiosity-stimulating activities. All classes are taught in a fun way and with an emphasis on learning to navigate the world around them through problem solving, creativity and imagination.

In a safe and always loving environment, teachers support students in creating meaningful relationships and understanding how to function in an exciting new classroom setting. There is an emphasis on learning crucial life skills at this stage, such as feeding themselves, washing hands properly, and treating teachers and classmates kindly.

The First Steps classroom is equipped with age-appropriate furniture and toys especially designed to meet the children at their stage of learning. It includes a Reading Corner, Toy Centre, Role-Play Centre, Creative Art Centre, and a Building and Block Corner. These areas offer students many ways to engage in activities with classmates and teachers during free exploration time.

Two qualified Home Room Teachers and two Teaching Assistants care for a group of thirteen students. The instructional teaching time is shared equally between the native English and the native Mandarin Homeroom Teacher, which allows both languages to be treated with equal importance.

A daily communication booklet, weekly letter, monthly syllabus and regular parent-teacher conferences keep parents up to date on our activities and the child’s progress. Regular assessments throughout the year document each child’s developmental milestones.