Age: From 3 months to 18 months

Participants: One adult/ baby (can be Mom, Dad or caregiver)

Time: 60 minutes, once a week

Capacity: 6 babies maximum/class


Age Group

3 ~ 6 months

7 ~ 12 months

10 ~ 18 months



1pm ~ 2pm


3.45pm ~ 4.45pm


1pm ~ 2pm


Description of Hatchlings program

It’s all about experience, experimental learning, movement and interaction.

Class provides an opportunity for parents to exercise and have fun with their baby as the activities promote strength, flexibility and balance.

The range of meaningful activities support the developmental process by allowing for careful observation of baby cues and by incorporating and using the seven areas of sensory process, gross and fine motor skills, toddler yoga, music and art activities.

Mum and baby start to be a team and the moves are more advanced for Mums and babies to ensure physical and emotional development are progressing well. The babies make the transition from babyhood to independent movement. The important aspect of the class is to create togetherness between Mum and baby to sustain loving and playful contact and interaction.

Activities will consist of participating in true basic moves such as learning good posture to ensure all joints function. Activities to help to improve digestion and relief for babies who suffer from colic and the class will also help babies improve in their sleep patterns.

These activities include breathing, massage, fine and gross motor skills development, dance and relaxation to create positive feelings and interaction between Mum and baby.

The activities in the class challenge the baby to keep motivated and involved in new experiences, discover new skills to be able to understand the world around them as well as learn to interact with other babies.


To do list:

  • Please arrive 10min before the class starts
  • Wear very comfortable clothes (workout clothes are recommended)
  • Moms/caregivers, please keep your hair tided
  • Bring socks for adults only
  • Do not wear accessories/jewelry
  • Light and comfortable clothes for baby
  • No need to wear socks inside the classroom for the baby
  • Bring a blanket or a pashmina big enough to wrap your baby in.

Hope you will all enjoy this unique and unforgettable experience with your baby at SEIPS!