Hatchlings is a parent-accompanied course that takes place once per week. It is a specially developed programme for 6-18-month-old babies.

Our Hatchlings class helps babies learn about social interaction, observation, and simple problem-solving through crawling, interaction, live music and songs, teachers’ demonstration, games and other activities. A healthy and guided parent-child interaction can stimulate your baby’s mood and promote their physical coordination. The program helps parents learn how to pique their child’s curiosity, how to encourage their babies to explore and develop their learning initiative, how to understand developmental milestones, and how to establish a healthy relationship with their baby. It is also a great opportunity to meet new moms and share experiences every week!

Hatchlings program has 7 components: 

Free Play,Music Time,Circle Time,Reading Time,Snack Time,Gross Motor Skills,Arts and Crafts