Hatchlings Level 1: (3 to 5 months old)

DURATION/TIME: Once a week and runs for 60 minutes in a comfortable heated room.

OBJECTIVE: To support Mum and baby by creating enjoyable experiences such as tactile stimulation which contributes to the development of the brain and the nervous system.

CLASS: Activities will consist of participating in true basic moves such as learning good posture to ensure all joints function. Activities to help to improve digestion and relief for babies who suffer from colic and the class will also help babies improve in their sleep patterns.

Hatchlings level 1 also offers an opportunity to help Mums in body recovery as Mum and baby will become stronger and enjoy the first months of their lives together. These activities include true dance, exercise, breathing and massage to create positive feelings and interaction between Mum and child.


Hatchlings Level 2: (6 to 11 months old)

DURATION/TIME: Once a week and runs for 75 minutes.

OBJECTIVE: Hatchlings level 2 is recommended for babies who have neck and head control. During this class we focus on supporting baby development and moving independently. Mum and baby start to be a team and the moves are more advanced for Mums and babies to ensure physical and emotional development are progressing well.

CLASS: The activities in the class challenge the baby to keep motivated and involved in new experiences, discover new skills to be able to understand the world around them as well as learn to interact with other babies. At the end of Hatchlings level 2 the baby will be able to sit and stand independently as well as crawl. As the baby develops and grows older he/she will become more familiar with the moves and be active and playful in their experiences.


Hatchlings Level 3: (12 to 18 months old)

DURATION/TIME: This is a 120 min class that is optional to participate in once or twice a week.

OBJECTIVE: The babies make the transition from babyhood to independent movement. The important aspect of this class is to create togetherness between Mum and baby to sustain loving and playful contact and interaction.

CLASS: This class provides an opportunity for parents to exercise and have fun with their child as the activities promote strength, flexibility and balance. The range of meaningful activities support the developmental process by allowing for careful observation of baby cues and by incorporating and using the seven areas of sensory process, gross and fine motor skills, toddler yoga, music and art activities.

The class will conclude with time for a healthy snack and an opportunity for babies to socialise to create the foundation of good effective communication. Relaxation time is also included to contrast with the energetic activities of the class to create a balanced state of body and mind.