The kindergarten curriculum at SEIPS is based on exploration and learning through discovery. Students take an active role in making their classrooms a creative and inspiring environment. The classroom’s Interactive Centres give opportunities to independently explore Scientific and Mathematical concepts. A Literacy Station fosters reading and writing in both English and Chinese. Musical instruments and a resourceful Art Corner nurture imagination and artistic creation.

Classes are taught through instruction, small group-activities, partner work, and one-on-one with a teacher. Subjects include Math, English Reading and Writing, Chinese Reading and Writing, 3D Art, Physical Education, Media, Music, Science, Geography, Historical Events, Painting, Drama, Astronomy, Musical Instruments, Imagination Art, Drawing , Culture and Social Studies.

Through independent and group learning, we help students grow a deep love for themselves and their environment, to inherit the concept of sharing and to develop a judicious approach to discipline and lifelong learning. Courtesy, respect, manners, as well as fun, laughter and creativity fill these students’ busy days at SEIPS.

The classrooms are all bilingually instructed in equal proportions, and are led by a team of two qualified Home Room Teachers and a Teaching Assistant.

A daily communication booklet, weekly letter, monthly syllabus and regular parent-teacher conferences keep parents up to date on the activities and the child’s progress. Regular assessments throughout the year document each child’s developmental milestones and achievements.