SEIPS offers its nursery students a curriculum rich in foundational academics and life skills. Throughout the course of their third year of study, these children begin to apply early stage literacy, communication, mathematics, and creativity skills, while learning the importance of independence, social responsibility and environmental awareness.
In addition, students continue to deepen their knowledge through SEIPS’ thematic approach; curriculum broad subjects are repeated each year but with a deeper exploration into the topics. Individual academic skills covered include: pre-literacy, pre-math, pre-science arts & crafts, physical education, culture & geography, storytelling, music and dance.
By deepening knowledge, children can move to higher levels of thinking. These age groups also continue to learn in classrooms designed to encourage exploration, imagination, problem solving, creativity and inquiry. This allows children to gain natural interest in subjects, which leads to an enhanced and broadened understanding that forms the foundations of lifelong learning.
The classes are all bilingually instructed in equal proportions, and are led by a team of two qualified Home Room Teachers and a Teaching Assistant.
A daily communication booklet, weekly letter, monthly syllabus, and regular parent-teacher conferences keep parents up to date on our activities and the child’s progress. Regular assessments throughout the year document each child’s developmental milestones.