SEIPS offers its toddlers a thematic-based curriculum, emphasizing the ability to learn through exploration as well as the life skills necessary to function happily, safely and peacefully in both school and at home. Students in their second year of study are inspired by passionate teachers to further deepen their understanding of the world around them, as well as to understand the importance of protecting their environment and giving back to their community.

All classes are taught in a fun way, with an emphasis on learning to navigate the world around them through problem solving, creativity and imagination. Individual academic skills covered include: pre-literacy, pre-math, arts & crafts, physical education, culture, storytelling, music and dance.

The classes are all bilingually instructed in equal proportions, and are led by a team of two qualified Home Room Teachers and a Teaching Assistant.

A daily communication booklet, weekly letter, monthly syllabus, and regular parent-teacher conferences keep parents up to date on our activities and the child’s progress. Regular assessments throughout the year document each child’s developmental milestones.