Teaching Team

Homeroom teachers Both homeroom teachers are equally responsible for facilitating and delivering activity-based lessons in their mother tongue. At least 1 homeroom teacher is present with the group at all times throughout the day. Homeroom teachers ensure clear communication with parents about a child’s progress and wellbeing and may pass on this information to a… More

Settling-in and Separation

We want children to feel safe and secure and comfortable with the staff, as well as for the parents to have confidence in their child’s wellbeing. Parents are encouraged to lead the settling-in process for their child: if they prefer to stay part of the day or all of the day, we support them in… More

School Day

Curriculum The Toddler and Nursery programme at SEIPS are theme-based. Each month covers one major theme relating to events taking place during that time of year. The weeks within each month cover related sub-themes following from one related concept to another. Our lessons are designed with specific learning targets in mind, and are divided up… More

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

We have a full time nurse at SEIPS. She handles minor accidents, and conducts routine check-ups in the mornings. Homeroom teachers are required to have first aid training prior to their employment with SEIPS. Mandarin teachers and teaching assistants undergo a reputable first aid training course, facilitated by one of the major international hospitals in… More

Parent Involvement

We encourage parents to become an active member of SEIPS by volunteering during field trips, school activities and holiday parties, sharing a special talent in class, reading your child’s favourite book to the class, and being active on the school’s website. We would like you to be involved in our programme as much as possible… More

Food and Drink

Meal times Daily snacks are served, consisting of freshly cut fruits and vegetables with water as refreshment in the morning and a snack consisting of yoghurt, raisins, bread and butter, fruits or vegetable sticks in the afternoons. Our school lunch is freshly prepared everyday according to strict specifications by SEIPS. We have developed our own proprietary… More

Field Trips

Field trips are great fun for students and teachers and are usually theme related. Parents are welcome to volunteer and help out. The student-adult ratio for preschoolers and kindergarteners is 3:1. Please understand that we do not organize field trips for Toddlers due to safety concerns, however we usually have one family event like a… More

Behavioural Management

We manage behaviour using indirect and direct methods: Indirect Methods Direct Methods Ÿ we give information in advance Ÿ we use affirmative statements Ÿ we follow through on promises Ÿ we meet the child at their level Ÿ we give choices Ÿ we speak quietly Ÿ we maintain regular routines Ÿ we listen attentively Ÿ… More

Checklist: First Day at School

Please ensure your child has the following items on the 1st day of school and each item is clearly labeled with your child’s name: a full set of spare clothes and diapers (if required) a drinking bottle filled with water only a hat for summer time sun protection cream should be applied by the caregiver… More


Your child will undertake all sorts of messy games and activities. Play clothes should be comfortable, appropriate to weather conditions and able to get wet and dirty. They should also be easy to remove for diaper changing and independent toileting.


Whom to contact For your convenience, our customer service staff will handle all inquiries and forward them to the appropriate staff for you. You can contact customer service by phone or email: (21) 5045 8668 (Mon – Fri, 8am – 5pm) customerservice@seips-china.com Email You will receive almost all correspondence via email, as this is the… More

Drop-off and Pick-up Time

Sign-in & sign-out Each day upon arriving, parents are required to sign their child in, noting the parent’s printed name and the time arrived. A sign-in/out sheet, pens, and a clock are all located by the door at the reception desk. This procedure is to be followed when signing the child out when they leave… More