Behavioural Management

We manage behaviour using indirect and direct methods:

Indirect Methods Direct Methods
Ÿ we give information in advance Ÿ we use affirmative statements
Ÿ we follow through on promises Ÿ we meet the child at their level
Ÿ we give choices Ÿ we speak quietly
Ÿ we maintain regular routines Ÿ we listen attentively
Ÿ we avoid arguing Ÿ we don’t judge
Ÿ we ensure consistency Ÿ we provide equitable solutions


We encourage positive behaviour through verbal praise and positive reinforcements.

“Teacher & Me Time”

At SEIPS we do not give “time outs” but use a method called “Teacher & Me Time”. The child is asked to spend one-on-one time away from the group with the teacher. Teachers offer a non-judgmental and supportive environment, talk about feelings, reflect on behaviour, redirect attention, and work out equitable solutions to problems.

Group Safety

The safety of all the children in our care is paramount in all situations. Aggressive and dangerous behavior cannot be tolerated at school. Therefore clear guidelines are vital to ensure a safe day at school for all our students and staff.

If a child’s behaviour endangers the physical well being of others (such as: biting, hitting etc.) the child will be asked to stop and will be removed from the situation immediately and be made aware that the behaviour is unacceptable. Parents will be notified and asked to discuss the matter at home and to follow up with the class teachers.

As a last resort if the behaviour continues, and the child therefore is a threat to the other children and staff, the school retains the right to suspend the child from school until such time as the behaviour has improved. The school will provide counseling and guidance for parents during this period.