Drop-off and Pick-up Time

& sign-out

Each day upon arriving, parents are required to sign their child in, noting the parent’s printed name and the time arrived. A sign-in/out sheet, pens, and a clock are all located by the door at the reception desk. This procedure is to be followed when signing the child out when they leave the school. This gives the school a written record of the child’s attendance, hours, and who brought/picked the child up that day.

Designated caregiver

Under no circumstances will your child be released to any unauthorized person. If someone other than the persons designated in your enrollment form are to pick up the child, please notify the school ahead of time.

As a precautionary measure for your child’s safety, please be prepared to introduce your designated caregiver to reception as well as to the homeroom teachers or, in the event that you cannot be there, for that person to provide us with a photo ID upon pick-up time (this includes relatives).

Arrival and departure

In order to give children enough time to play and greet everyone before we start with our activities it is very important to arrive on time. Please limit discussions with the teachers during drop off time to important information only. You are welcome to contact the teacher after school.

Absence and late arrival

If your child will be absent or late, please call to let the school know.

Pick-up time

Please let the school know in advance if you are going to collect your child earlier than the scheduled pick-up time. Advanced notice gives the teachers time to prepare take-home materials for activities your child will miss as well as to have your child ready and waiting for you outside the classroom when you arrive so as not to disturb the students and the activity taking place at that time.

Drop- off and Pick- up times

Early drop-off: 8am

School starts at: 8:30am

Toddlers pick- up: 1pm or 3pm

Preschoolers and Kindergarteners: 1pm or 3pm

After- school- care: 4:10pm/ 5pm