Food and Drink

Meal times

Daily snacks are served, consisting of freshly cut fruits and vegetables with water as refreshment in the morning and a snack consisting of yoghurt, raisins, bread and butter, fruits or vegetable sticks in the afternoons.

Our school lunch is freshly prepared everyday according to strict specifications by SEIPS. We have developed our own proprietary menu that takes the special nutritional requirements of children into consideration. Twenty different culinary delights are served throughout the month, carefully balancing Asian and Continental cuisine with a selection of meats, fish and vegetables. Fridays the students can enjoy a delicious sweet dish for dessert.

Lunch is prepared by a third party and not by the school itself. We order nut-free lunches, however please be aware that the food is prepared in a kitchen that uses nut products. We do our best to take food allergies or special dietary needs into account.

Fostering Independence and Good Eating Habits

During meal times students are encouraged to develop independence and good eating habits. They learn to eat by themselves and to become good eaters. Students are never force fed or made to eat food they do not wish to eat. The teaching team uses encouragement (e.g., Try a little bite. You might like it) as well as positive language (i.e., I know you can do it), never bribery (i.e., If you eat, I will give you a sticker) or fear tactics (i.e., I will tell your mom that you didn’t eat.)

Supplemental Food

Students receive only food and drink consistent with their parents’ wishes. Parents wishing to supplement their child’s meal with outside food are kindly reminded to see the Principal first. The teaching team is not authorized to accept or distribute outside food.

Outside food policy

Parents wishing to bring outside food into the school to distribute to the class (such as: sweets, treats, cookies, cakes, candies, etc) are asked to give at least 2 school days advance notice to safeguard against food allergies, intolerances, and restrictions such as “no sweets in any kind or form”.


SEIPS is a nut-free school. This includes any kinds of nuts, nut products, and nut oils. Teachers follow this rule to the strictest measure and remind parents and children of this and are authorized to remove any nut products at once.

Sweets and Special Occasions

Sweets are distributed in the school on special occasions only: classroom parties (birthday cakes, Halloween candy, Easter eggs, Christmas cookies and treats). As SEIPS strongly believes healthy food choices are vital for a child’s positive overall development we stress each family to bring in only foods that are appropriate for young children (i.e. do not contain artificial flavours, no hard candies, and limited in the amount of processed sugar).

Party Bags and Gifts

Party bags will not be accepted or distributed by the school. Parents wishing to give out party bags and/or gifts are asked to do so directly to each parent after class.

Whilst every parent would like to send party bags and/or gifts on their child’s birthday, unfortunately, not every parent is afforded the time, opportunity or expense involved, which is why we ask for your understanding and cooperation in respecting the feelings of your fellow parents.