School Day


The Toddler and Nursery programme at SEIPS are theme-based. Each month covers one major theme relating to events taking place during that time of year. The weeks within each month cover related sub-themes following from one related concept to another.
Our lessons are designed with specific learning targets in mind, and are divided up across different learning areas to support children in acquiring necessary skills for their development:

Social & Emotional


Fine Motor

Gross Motor

Self Care


In Nursery and Toddler classes, the teachers dedicate many lessons to practical life skills, and support children in learning how to accomplish these skills independently. Many of these lessons will cover more than one learning objective. For example, a class in which children are learning how to zip a zipper will also aid in his/her fine motor development. The younger the child, the more practical the lessons will be.

The Kindergarten curriculum at SEIPS is still theme based, but is much more academically focused.  Based on the English National Curriculum, Kindergarten 1 (ages 4-5) aims for every child to attain 17 Early Learning Goals over 7 areas:

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Communication & Language

Physical Development



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts & Design

Kindergarten 2 is based on year 1 of the English National Curriculum, and there is much concentration on literacy and numeracy, in order to prepare our students for an international primary school system. There are still many opportunities for students to play and explore, but the lessons are more formal and assessments more rigorous.

Both levels of kindergarten use the Oxford Reading Scheme (UK), and children bring home weekly readers to hone their phonics and reading skills at home.

You will be updated through our weekly blog and email newsletter about what your child has learned during the week.

Morning circle

We encourage children to bring an item to show and tell for morning circle. The activity teaches sharing and brings classmates closer together as a community by getting to know each other through personal belongings. Not every child, of course, will want to bring an item and that is OK, too. Items brought to school are placed in school bags directly after morning circle to ensure their safe return home.

Daily activities

There are 4 to 5 lesson activities each day, different in length, divided equally among the homeroom teachers to ensure half the lessons are taught in Mandarin and the other half taught in English.

We offer a good balance of whole group activities, small group activities, partner work, teamwork activities and competitive games.

School subjects

SEIPS offers a well-rounded educational experience for preschoolers as well as kindergarteners. We have different subject areas, each housing a variety of sub-areas. All subjects are taught in English as well as in Mandarin, either in the same week or on an alternating-week basis.

Playground time

All students have playground time every day, weather and pollution permitting (check our Tweet for last-minute updates). Should the playground remain closed, students will enjoy free play time in their classroom or the gym and parents will be informed there was no playground time that day.

Appropriate dress

Students need to be appropriately dressed for outdoor play (i.e., hats in summer, warm clothes in winter). Students without appropriate clothing will join an indoor class for the duration of the playground time.

Nap-time and quiet-time

Toddlers have nap-time from 12:30 onwards and Nursery I students from 1:00pm. Please provide your child with a blanket and pillow for nap-time. These are sent home Fridays for laundering.

Nursery II students and Kindergarten students have quiet time from 1:30 – 2:00 pm. Some children nap if they are tired while other children use the time to relax their minds and bodies and refresh themselves for the afternoon session.

If parents wish their child to nap or not to nap, the teaching team will support them in this.

A homeroom teacher or assistant teacher is present at all times in the classroom to supervise and take care of any student needs.