Teaching Team

Homeroom teachers

Both homeroom teachers are equally responsible for facilitating and delivering activity-based lessons in their mother tongue. At least 1 homeroom teacher is present with the group at all times throughout the day. Homeroom teachers ensure clear communication with parents about a child’s progress and wellbeing and may pass on this information to a designated caregiver, but will not discuss student-related issues unless a parent is present.

Teaching assistants

The teaching assistant supports the homeroom teachers with various classroom management duties including

  • assisting in supervising students during play time, meal time, and nap time
  • preparing lesson materials
  • setting up and assisting the teacher with activities
  • providing students with one-on-one support during instructional time

Substitute teacher

In the event that a homeroom teacher is unavailable, the Principal may either facilitate the lessons herself or, when not available to do so, may assign the lessons to a teacher in training who will facilitate the lessons under the strict and direct supervision of the homeroom teacher.

Co-teaching model

SEIPS implements a teaching–assisting co-teaching model: one homeroom teacher takes the major responsibilities of the class in delivering the lesson in their native language while the other homeroom teacher monitors and assists students individually.

Parallel-teaching model

During hands-on activity time, a Parallel-Station Teaching model may be used. Students are divided into two or more groups with one teacher supervising one group. Teachers move among the stations using their native language in instructing and assisting students.

Bilingual environment

Homeroom teachers are instructed only to use their native language with students. Communication between homeroom teachers and teaching assistants is in both English and Mandarin. Activities are not co-taught. They are taught in one language, in either English or in Mandarin, never in both languages at the same time.

Ensuring a Good Balance

During non-instructional times (such as: free exploration, playground time, meal times, and WC times), homeroom teachers work closely together to ensure an equally- weighted bilingual environment and that a good balance between English and Mandarin is observed.