Fully bilingual, SEIPS prepares today’s brightest
sparks for a global tomorrow by inspiring confidence,
curiosity and ambition no matter where life takes them.


Exceptional preschool education calls for exceptional teachers!
Our specialist staff proudly lead by example:
with excellence, kindness and patience.

SEIPS is with you every step of the way

Whether it’s tying their shoelaces or riding a bike, your child’s world is full of firsts. They’ll also be the first generation to truly explore the possibilities of today’s globalized world. Ensure your little leader, pioneer or entrepreneur of tomorrow is well-placed to take full advantage of all their world has to offer by starting them off on the best possible path.

Fully bilingual and led by qualified teachers committed to giving your child the support and direction they need, SEIPS is with you every step of the way.

SEIPS Health & Safety

At SEIPS we pay special attention to the health and safety of your child. Our world-class facility and staff provide a child-safe environment for learning, so that you can enjoy complete peace-of-mind while your child is in our care.

Our staff and students.

SEIPS Testimonials