Our first campus opened in 2008 and since then SEIPS has provided a bilingual early childhood education program based on international teaching philosophies to the expatriate and local communities of Shanghai. Using a co-teaching model and developmentally appropriate practices to guide our curriculum, SEIPS creates a play based learning environment to foster holistic development for children ages 3 months to 6 years old by adhering to international program standards. We also provide family programs to support the prenatal development and their child’s first years of life. Our teaching teams work together with our families to ensure we provide high quality, individualized programs for each child through ongoing observations and the use of evidence based practices.


Our Mission

At SEIPS our mission is to foster the healthy and holistic development of global citizens who are connected and contribute to their world.



  • Provide high quality bilingual international education
  • Apply developmentally appropriate, evidence based practices in innovative ways
  • Hire and develop a team of highly skilled and passionate professionals to implement the SEIPS program
  • Provide a healthy and safe environment by adhering to the highest international standards
  • Provide clear channels of communication, parent involvement and customer care
  • Provide an environment that supports a healthy life style (food, AQI, indoor play space)
  • Create evidence based, innovative, programs that support the healthy development of all children, inclusive of all needs
  • Provide environments, from the buildings to the materials used in the classrooms, that cultivate learning through creativity and exploration
  • Embrace innovative technology
  • Integrate technology into classrooms to be used responsibly as a tool for learning