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两周后的9月28日周四晚上5:30 – 6:50, 我们将举行SEIPS 传统的一年一度的中秋节晚会,这将是一个充满亲子欢乐时光的夜晚。各位家长不但能够体验和小朋友们在教室里与老师一起开展制作手工冰皮月饼、品尝中秋传统食物的体验活动,也会一起观看表演,晚会将以在月光下举行灯笼游行而作为结束,如果当天天气晴好,顽皮的月亮不吝啬于藏起它那圆圆的脸蛋的话。🌕 请注意每个家庭最多能有四位成人参加噢!



Dear SEIPS Parents,

After entering the third week of school, Principals Carla and I would first like to thank you parents very much for your trust, understanding, support and cooperation. Our lovely SEIPS children have successfully coped very well through the initial parent separation process and they have quickly adapted to new classes, new teachers and new friends. Every morning Principal Carla and I enjoy welcoming children, parents, Grandparents and Ayis to school. They all do so very well waiting for their morning check by Nurse Xu, as they follow procedures consisting of temperature, mouth check, hand checks, as well as hand disinfection. During this time we warmly remind parents to pay attention to the regular inspection of the length of the children’s nails. This is not only from a health point of view, however it is also for safety reasons to minimise and reduce scratching incidents amongst the children. This is appreciated, thank you.

In the next two weeks on Thursday the 28th of September from 5:30 – 6:50pm, SEIPS will be hosting the traditional annual Mid-Autumn Festival party. This will be a lovely time in which parents will be invited to join in on a fun night of festivities. Parents and children will have the opportunity to experience how to make moon cakes, taste sample some traditional food, be entertained with a performance and enjoy a moonlight lantern festival parade. If the weather is fine we shall all enjoy the glow of the moon as we conclude the evening. Please note that up to four adults from every family are welcome to join our fun filled evening to which we are all looking forward to!

On a final note, we wish our parents and children a happy and safe weekend. We shall see you next Monday!

Kind Regards,


Carla Pracilio and Michelle Meng



SEIPS Mid-Autumn Festival poster

SEIPS Mid-Autumn poster-Chinese