Paras Update

Theme: Spring & Growing

This week we had a lovely time continuing with our Spring & Growing theme! The Paras have really enjoyed a lot of the hands-on activities that we have done as we explore spring, and other things that grow!

This week we made play dough as a team using flour, salt and water. This play dough was then used later in the week to create different things related to spring and things that grow – flowers, seeds, trees, etc. We had a lovely time each taking turns to contribute to the play dough making as we each turn a turn to supply our bowl with the ingredients and mix it. We also talked about the many shapes we use to create something like a flower! During the creation of our flowers we also discussed some of the main components – pedals, seeds, stem, leaves, etc.

This week also involved some of our very own planting! The pots that we decorated last week are now being used to store some of our gardening fun! The Paras will be watering their own individual seeds daily and we will watch our plants grow through out the course of the upcoming weeks – a very exciting endeavour!

This week’s pre-writing also involved some fun hands on play as we discovered the letter “P”. For this letter we discussed how to write it, how to say it as well as the words we use the letter “P” to say. These vocabulary words include: pineapple, pumpkin and pig! Feel free to ask your Para about what they have learned this week!








Some kind reminders of things coming up at SEIPS:
** Book week is coming up the week of April 30- May 4!  We will be celebrating our favorite authors, books and book characters.  It’s a great motivation to read together and talk with your children about the books and characters you love.  Please check your communication books next week for more information.  绘本周时间:4月30日至5月4日!我们将庆祝我们最喜爱的作者、书籍和书籍人物。这是一个很好的时机,让你和孩子一起阅读喜欢的书籍 。请查看下周的联络本以获取更多信息

** Tuesday, May 1st is Labor Day Public Holiday and there will be no school held on this day. School will resume on Wednesday May 2nd as normal.


** Spring Cleaning Time! We will be collecting gently used items on behalf of charity Heart to Heart, which supports intensive surgeries for Chinese migrant children who travel to Shanghai for medical treatment.

春季整理衣物的时间!我们将代表慈善机构Heart to Heart来收集一些使用过的物品,为那些前往上海就医的贫穷家庭提供一些生活上的帮助。

 We are looking for:

-clean and functioning toys, games, puzzles, books and art supplies

-clean men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing (no shoes or purses please)

-clean baby clothing, toys, and supplies


– 清洁并完整的玩具、拼图、书籍和艺术用品

– 干净的成人男装、成人女装和童装(不需要鞋子或女士背包)

– 清洁的婴儿服装、玩具和生活用品

 Your donations will go directly to these children and their families. If you would like to learn more about Heart to Heart and the great work that they do, visit

您的捐赠将直接送到这些孩子和他们家人手中。 如果您想了解更多关于.              Heart to Heart和他们所做的工作,             请访问



Here, have a look at some of our lovely photos from the week!








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