Parent Teacher Conferences

During the school year SEIPS holds two Parent Teacher Conferences, In November and May. These conferences are designed to provide Parents and Teachers the opportunity to sit down and discuss in detail how your child is doing at school.

We encourage parents to make use of the appointments, as this is a great opportunity to review your child’s academic progress, social development and personal growth. Both your child’s home room teacher and mandarin teacher will be present and available to discuss any issues you might have.

Why are parent-teacher conferences important?

The conferences are important for so many reasons, most of all it gives you an insight into your childs life at school. As a Parent, no one knows your child better and you can share insight with the Teacher that they might otherwise not discover. Also, Teachers may observe different sides to your child in the school environment and it is helpful to share these insights and work together as a team to best support your child.

Conferences are also an opportunity to inform Teachers about any situations outside of the classroom that may affect your child’s behavior at school such as moving house, change of Nanny, medical problems etc. This kind of information helps Teachers provide appropriate levels of support for children.

And of course this is the time to discuss in detail your child’s progress and what they are learning in school. Be sure to ask for clarification of any educational jargon or curriculum points you are unsure of.

Making the best use of the time

Other parents may be scheduled before and after your meeting so to ensure you get the best of your allocated time it is important to be on time. We also recommend having a list of questions ready beforehand, things like:

  • Is my child happy at school?
  • What is my child learning this year academically?
  • How was my child evaluated for these reports?
  • What are my child’s strengths and weaknesses?
  • Is my child socializing with others appropriately?
  • How are my child’s language skills developing?
  • Does my child participate in activities and discussions?
  • Does my child follow directions and behave at school?
  • What can I do at home to help support my child in reaching their full potential?
If you do run out of time in the meeting you can always follow up with the Teacher via email or at drop off/pick up times.  If there is an issue that you really wish to discuss further, you can ask your childs Teacher what time is suitable for them to follow up.

Here at SEIPS we strive to work in partnership with Parents in ensuring children the very best support and care for them to reach their best potential in school.


Rose Chambers