Cookies, Coffee and Chatting in the Parents’ Lounge

Dear Parents,

We are happy and excited to inform you that we are now providing some simple nibbles in the Parents’ Lounge for our parents, guardians and caretakers.

We hope that with this new development, we can help further enhance the feeling of comfort for our families as they visit the school. For our parents who would like to do a quick catch up with one another, there is no other better pairing than a cookie and a coffee to go with that chat! 😉

So next time you are on your way to or from dropping off, or picking up your child, please drop by the coffee area in the Parents’ Lounge and grab yourself a cookie and coffee.

Please be reminded these sweet treats are not for the children to partake, due to their sugar content. Should you wish to give some to your children outside the academic hours, this will be upon your discretion.

Stay warm this season! :)

Your SEIPS family


coffee area