Principals Welcome

Dear Parents,


Hello and a very warm welcome to all of our existing parents, new parents and of course an extra huge welcome to our SEIPS children, to the 2017 – 2018 academic school year. The administration team, academic team and customer service team are very excited about this school year and together, we look forward to a year of growth, challenges and ongoing goals and achievement. We are all here to work together with you all to foster each and every child’s development within a warm, safe, supportive and fun school environment.



The first week of school is an exciting, busy and can be somewhat challenging for some of our children, and first time parents leaving their child at school. Our teaching teams are here to support you and your child throughout this time and of course during the school year. The children this week have made a wonderful start, as they are establishing relationships with their teachers and teaching team, as well as adapting to new classroom and school routines. Our teaching teams have worked very hard this week and shall continue to do so to provide the best quality care and developmentally appropriate learning programmes to cater to the needs of every child’s development within a play based approach to learning. We believe in all working together to foster and support your child’s learning and development and the teaching teams are well and truly ready to do so.


For us, it has been a delight to see children entering school with a large smile on their face and enjoying the days at school.


Once again, a huge welcome from us all and keep your eye on our blog for upcoming information throughout this school year.


Enjoy your weekend everyone and see you next week.


Kind Regards,


Carla Pracilio and Michelle Meng



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