Pteros Update

Pteros Update



Our 31st  week

Happy Easter from the Pteros class. We have had a wonderful time learning about Easter through storybooks, songs and crafts. We have already prepared an Easter basket to fill with Easter eggs on our egg hunt. Our Pteros have brainstormed where the

Easter bunny might leave some eggs for us to find. We have agreed to help each other find the eggs and share them with our friends. Our children collaborated to design an enormous Easter egg and showed excellent team work when worked together to decorate their creation. We practiced respecting each other’s space and valuing each other’s work. We were able to practice giving each other compliments by saying nice things about each other’s art work.

Our letter of the week was Q, and we pursed our lips together to practice the unique sound the Qq makes: quick, quiet, queen! Using a dot to dot math game, the children connected the dots between numbers as they counted 1 to 10. We have made amazing progress in our numeral recognition and when we reached number 10 we realized we had drawn a queen’s crown. Naturally, the crown needed to be covered in colored gem stone stickers for aesthetic value. The Pteros are getting very good at holding our pencil firmly and making straight line marks.

We were really excited to play a shape and color pattern game, as children drew a lucky card and produced color and shape patterns using connectors to reproduce the pattern displayed on the card. When the pattern was completed they were able to ring a bell. Using the bell was a very special treat for our friends, and they delighted in the loud noise it made.

Pteros class continued to practice making Chinese strokes, this week focusing on ‘pie zhe’

This week’s highlight was undoubtable the Easter party where we met the Easter bunny in person. The Pteros showed their competitive streak as they raced around the courtyard garden looking for eggs. The made good on their promise to share their winnings and were helping each other look for eggs and divide them up. We had a great time at the Easter parade where we displayed our Easter bonnets in a fashion show before learning a new Easter dance with the Easter bunny himself. What a busy week! We wish you all a safe and joyful Easter break and look forward to seeing you all back at preschool on April 9th.







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Please collect some recyclable materials for us over the Easter break. We will be celebrating Earth day when we return to school and will need lots of recyclables for our activities and craft. We need clean bottles, newspaper, boxes, tubes and lids!

复活节结束后,将要迎来地球日的活动,请家长们在假期收集一些可回首材料,例如:干净的塑料瓶,纸盒,鸡蛋盒,报纸等。家长们也可以在假期中与孩子们一起利用回收材料,制作一些有趣的手工作品。在春假结束后可以将作品和回收材料带来学校哦。谢谢大家!Also, we are looking forward to many sunny days in the playground, please bring a sun hat for outdoor play.



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The Pteros team: Ella, Kate, Ada and Gu Ayi

Pteros团队:Ella, Kate, Ada & Gu Ayi


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