Pteros Update

Pteros Update


Our33rd week

Welcome back to school after a relaxing Easter and Qing Ming holiday break! We have jumped straight into our next theme: Spring. We are learning to share our observations of plants, animals, sounds, smells and colors that Spring has brought into our environment. We experienced planting our own seeds in the classroom, which we will water every day as they sprout and grow.

Sharing our observing of Spring weather, the children told us Spring is “hot”, “sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy” and has “rainy days”. We discussed the wind and the rain that we can see coming from the clouds before creating our own cloud artwork. We made rain falling down from clouds and blew blue wind across the clouds through a straw.

Pteros class have enjoyed sharing their experiences and thoughts on Spring animals, insects and weather. We made a soft furry rabbit while learning about letter R phonics, and the children practiced manipulating their fine motor skills by drawing on straight lined whiskers. Can they remember some words that make the ‘rrr’ sound? Learning to control our hand movements was further explored as we traced our own handprint to create a Spring tree trunk.

Our Pteros have been busy planning our school’s Earth Day Activity; Recycling Artworks Day! We have been painting color coded boxes for the school’s collection of plastic, paper, tin and box donations. The boxes are placed at the entrance of the school; feel free to contribute your homes recycling to our activity. Our Pteros have enjoyed the responsibility of collaborating on a school wide project and have contributed many interesting ideas.










Parent are invited to watch our Pteros give a short performance at our school assembly on Wednesday 18th of April, starting at 9:15am. Please ensure your child is at school and in the gymnasium before 9:00am. Thank you.


Recyclable materials such as newspapers, cardboard, boxes, plastic bottles, lids, tins and cans are requested for our Earth Day activity and can be placed in the boxes at the school’s entrance.


Spring Cleaning Time! We will be collecting gently used items on behalf of charity Heart to Heart, which supports intensive surgeries for Chinese migrant children who travel to Shanghai for medical treatment.

 春季整理衣物的时间! 我们将代表慈善机构Heart to Heart来收集一些使用过的物品,为那些前往上海就医的贫穷家庭提供一些生活上的帮助。

 We are looking for:

-clean and functioning toys, games, puzzles, books and art supplies
-clean men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing (no shoes or purses please)
-clean baby clothing, toys, and supplies



 Your donations will go directly to these children and their families. If you would like to learn more about Heart to Heart and the great work that they do, visit

您的捐赠将直接送到这些孩子和他们家人手中。 如果您想了解更多关于 Heart to Heart和他们所做的工作, 请访问


Warm regards,


The Pteros team: Ella, Kate, Ada and Gu Ayi

Pteros团队:Ella, Kate, Ada & Gu Ayi



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