Raptors Update

Birds and the bees, and the flowers and the butterflies. This week, we worked on some wonderful art projects. We finished making an amazing colony of bees that is now decorating our wall, just above our wonderful fields of sun flowers. As we now know, bees love flowers. They use their feelers to smell the flowers, then they fly, using their wings to the flowers and eat them! When they are full they go back to their house, called a hive and make honey. Honey is delicious, we tried some with bread. It is also very gooey and sticky and runny!

This week we have also been looking at the weather. We have been making a note of how the weather is each day and if its hot, a little hot, cold or a little cold. Understanding that the day can be very sunny, yet a little bit cold is a difficult concept, however the children are doing a great job!

We also continued our preparation for our assembly on March 23rd. We have been practicing a couple of lovely songs and dances and we have been making gorgeous costumes. We are also getting ready to do a little bit of drama. We hope you will all be there!

Finally, please keep your eyes open for notes in the communication books regarding Easter and an upcoming field trip.






Parent Notes:

Upcoming Teacher In Service Day:教师在职培训日

Please note that the whole of SEIPS will be closed for the children on Friday the 30th of March for an Inservice day. Our spring break will follow so we will be closed from Friday the 30th March until Monday the 9th of April. We do hope you have a lovely holiday planned.


Happy weekend to you all and see you next week.

Your Raptors Team.

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