SEIPS, Heart to Heart

Meet Peng Yuxi, our Heart to Heart SEIPS Christmas Child

January 12, 2017

Peng Yuxi is a 5-year old boy from Jianxi province. He had his much needed second open heart surgery on December 28 and he seems to be recovering very well.

Karen, the Heart to Heart representative, shared the wonderful news about the SEIPS WeChat Christmas campaign raising enough funds to help sponsor the heart surgery for Peng Yuxi.

Some of the staff at SEIPS had the privilege to meet the lovely Peng Yuxi. He is a jovial, spirited young boy who displays a strong-willed, courageous fighting spirit with his second chance in life. He excitedly opened the package we brought for him, and immediately fell in love with the paint set that was inside. Peng Yuxi started writing his name in Chinese using the colours. Such an energetic boy!

It was also lovely to have met Peng Yuxi’s Mum and Grandmother to see the joy in their eyes and warmth in their hearts, to feel comforted after months of uncertainty about their son and grandson’s life. Dependent upon recovery time, Peng Yuxi will be able to return to his home province and commence school with his friends surrounding him. We do wish him and his family a heartfelt good luck for the future and for Peng Yuxi to lead a fulfilling life.

To our SEIPS families and friends who have taken the time to contribute to make this operation happen, we kindly take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to you all.

Know that your generosity has made such a difference in Peng Yuxi’s life and to his family, and this will be treasured by them everyday.

Heart to Heart continues to accept donations of clothes, blankets, diapers and toys. Sponsorship or cash donation of any amount that can contribute to a child’s surgery is of course very much appreciated.

Your SEIPS Team.