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SEIPS Air Quality Monitoring

Introducing GAMS Air Quality Monitoring Dear SEIPS Families, We wish to update you of a new item that we will be including in our newsletter. A report on our school’s indoor air quality monitoring efforts will be issued monthly via the News blog section of our newsletter. As you will remember, we have obtained the… More

SEIPS, Heart to Heart

Meet Peng Yuxi, our Heart to Heart SEIPS Christmas Child January 12, 2017 Peng Yuxi is a 5-year old boy from Jianxi province. He had his much needed second open heart surgery on December 28 and he seems to be recovering very well. Karen, the Heart to Heart representative, shared the wonderful news about the SEIPS WeChat… More


It is that time of the year when Shanghai outside air is expected to soar at its highest.   In addition to the regular maintenance of our air purifiers and air-conditioning vents, SEIPS is excited to acquire the services of an indoor air monitoring company, GAMS, to monitor the school’s indoor air readings as part… More

Class Blogs

Summer Camp Week 7:Navigators 1&2 -Update

This week we continued our travels around the world. We made fantastic Native American headdresses using water paint and colourful feathers. We also enjoyed talking about, and exploring, different methods of transport. We had so much fun driving, sailing and flying our way through the jungle gym obstacle course. 这周我们继续我们的环球旅行!这周我们去了印第安,然后小朋友们用漂亮的羽毛和丰富的水彩颜料给自己做了漂亮的印第安发饰。小朋友们在活动中自己选择喜欢的颜色,还有羽毛的颜色,同时也发展了他们的动手操作能力。我们还学习了不同的交通工具,在体育室里,大家在各个区角体验了不同的交通方式去旅行! 最后,感谢所有的孩子和家长,祝您周末愉快       Goodbye everyone.… More

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SEIPS Air Quality

Dear Parents, We would like to share with you all our monthly report from last months air quality monitoring. As a kind reminder, please find information below providing an explanation of the components that are measured. PM is the term for particulate matter found in the air, including dust, dirt, soot, smoke, and liquid droplets.… More