Uncompromising in its commitment to recruiting only the very best specialist educators and teaching assistants, SEIPS’ staff is second to none. All qualified professionals, their backgrounds span psychology, child and adolescent development, bilingual education and early childhood education and more. At SEIPS, our reputation is built on not just staff’s credentials and achievements, but also their professionalism, patience, compassion and kindness. Trust SEIPS to have your child’s best interests at heart.

Carla Pracilio

Carla Pracilio

Principal (Lujiazui)

Carla Pracilio is our Principal at the Lujiazui SEIPS campus. She has been a homeroom teacher at SEIPS teaching the Nursery Plesios and Kindergarten Pachyos classes. Carla comes from Perth, Australia where she studied and obtained an Early Childhood Education Bachelor Degree. She brings with her 13 years of experience teaching young children within the early childhood years in various early childhood settings. Carla is a dedicated and knowledgeable early childhood educator. She believes that the children’s learning needs are to be catered for within a holistic approach by incorporating social emotional, academic, fine and gross motor development, as it allows for young learners to utilise their senses as well as cater for a range of different learning styles. An integral component is to provide a safe, supportive, creative learning environment to encourage all young learners in the learning process. This will be Carla’s third year at SEIPS.


Michelle Meng

Vice Principal (Lujiazui)

Michelle Meng is our Vice Principal at Lujiazui campus. Michelle graduated from Beijing Normal University and KLC School of Education in Singapore and has a major in Early Childhood Education. She worked in Singapore as a Chinese Teacher, Chinese Curriculum Executive and a Vice Principal for almost 8 years with children from 18 months to grade 6. Michelle has also worked as a Kumon Instructor in the Kumon learning centre. She also worked in an International Preschool as a Chinese Homeroom teacher and has experience as a Children Centre Manager. This is Michelle’s third year with SEIPS.

Alan copy

Alan Proctor

Homeroom Teacher (English)

Alan Daniel Proctor has a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Nottingham in England.  Alan began teaching in China over seven years ago and he has traveled all over this nation.  Alan is extremely energetic and enjoys motivating the children to become active and moving.  Alan has an eighteen month daughter named Magvian.  Alan is in his second year with us at SEIPS and he will be the homeroom teacher for our First Steps group, ages one to two in the Iguanos class.


Penny Tang

Homeroom Teacher (Chinese)

Penny Tang has a Diploma in teaching and a BA in English Literature from Shanghai International Studies University. Penny began her career in preschool education as a teacher assistant at Shanghai Community International School. Two years later, she was promoted to homeroom teacher and held that position for four years. Penny is passionate about children and believes the most effective learning environment a teacher can offer is one that brings out a child’s full potential. Penny is a proud mum to a 10-year-old boy. She is in her seventh year with us at SEIPS and will be the Mandarin homeroom teacher of our First Steps group, ages one to two in the Iguanos class.


Louise Thorpe

Homeroom Teacher (English)

Teacher Louise is from England and feels especially fortunate to have work within such a supportive community of dedicated SEIPS parents and teachers for the past five years. Her background has a range of practice from England and overseas. She studied Childhood Education in the U.K. and has the PGCE in international teaching. Louise’s personal experiences have strengthened the importance of bringing a richly holistic, cultural and hands on learning experience to the classroom. She sees that valuing children’s individual qualities really is the key to success. With this in mind Louise believes in open communication and a partnership with parents. Having shared a mindful summer in a recognized yoga school, Louise is excited to bring some creative yoga games into the classroom.

Miki Jiang

Miki Jiang

Homeroom Teacher (Chinese)

Miki is our Mandarin teacher, she is a passionately committed educator who has just completed another long-term study in early childhood education. She graduated from GanNan Normal University six years ago and has been improving her practice since. she has a lot of experience. She had taught in a bilingual pre-school for three years before joining the team at SEIPS. This is now her fourth year working gaining further experience whilst working with young children at SEIPS. Miki has a little one year old boy, she loves to create funny songs and games with him. Miki knows every child has their own special qualities deserving kindness, love and understanding.



Homeroom Teacher (English)

Laura is from Cardiff in the U.K. and has been living and working in China since 2014. Originally coming to China to combine the skills she gained from her BA Business Management with her previous five years of teaching experience. Laura became Head Director of Studies of three English schools in Zhejiang province. Realising that her true passion lay in teaching young learners during their formative years., Laura decided to move to Shanghai in 2016 and continue her educational journey as a homeroom kindergarten teacher. Laura strives to consider her students’ unique personalities, abilities, interests and learning styles, while creating a positive, nurturing, fun and safe learning environment. A particular passion of Laura’s is designing exciting, creative and interesting educational projects for her students. Laura is thrilled to be joining the SEIPS family and teaching the Sabers Toddler class this year.


Li Dong

Lee Dong

Homeroom Teacher (Chinese)

Lee, who grew up in Anhui province, moved to Shanghai in 2012 following her graduation in BA in Early Childhood Education from Central China Normal University in Wuhan. As a qualified teacher, Lee has been teaching at SEIPS for the past five years and specialises in nursery education. Lee is passionate about self-development and consistently strives to improve her knowledge of education. Due to her loving, kind and patient nature, Lee believes in creating a comfortable, fun and safe environment for her students at all times. As an active person, Lee enjoys bringing out the little explorer in each of her students. Lee is very much looking forward to teaching the Sabers Toddlers again this year.


Tina Fasciglione

Homeroom Teacher (English)

Tina is a licensed Early Years Educator from Vancouver, Canada.  Tina has been in the field of child care and development for seven years, and five of those years have been with SEIPS working with our youngest learners aged 0-3. Tina has a special interest in infant and toddler development, specifically supporting the social and emotional needs of young children. Since the birth of her son in 2015, she feels able to apply her knowledge in the field with a greater sense of understanding to support children and their families. Tina’s personal teaching philosophy is to keep everyday positive, colorful, and exploratory. Originating from Canada, Tina places a great importance on fostering a love for the great outdoors and the natural world. She is looking forward to another great year with the new Stegs class of 2017-2018!


Candy Li

Homeroom Teacher (Chinese)

Candy Li has been with SEIPS for nine years as a teacher of our youngest learners. She has studied Early Childhood Education at Nanjing Normal University. She also holds a certification in child psychology from Shanghai Normal University. Candy Li’s interest and passion for early learning has grown since the birth of her two children, aged 6 years old and 6 months old. Candy has a special love for gardening, planting, and the natural world. She hopes to share this special passion with the children that she teaches.



Homeroom Teacher (English)

Tom is the foreign teacher in Raptors and he is from England. He has been teaching for 5 years. Tom has taught for one year in England, one year in Beijing, two years in Suzhou and one year in Guangzhou. This is Tom’s first year at SEIPS and he is excited to start in a wonderful new school in a new city. Tom initially trained as a Primary school teacher however he has been working in Kindergartens for a period of three years and he loves the energy and enthusiasm of early years children. Tom’s hobbies include sport and music and he is very excited to get to know all the children and families at SEIPS this academic school year.



Homeroom Teacher (Chinese)

Suki is the Mandarin teacher for the Raptor class. Suki graduated from Shanghai Normal University with a bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education in 2010 and she commenced working at SEIPS. This is Suki’s 8th year at SEIPS and she is still as enthusiastic and dedicated as ever. She is hard working and artistic and loves to see the children develop their skills and personalities throughout the school year. Being the Mandarin Teacher is still as exciting for her as ever and we are all lucky and grateful to have her warmth, love and experience in our classroom.


Natalie Brimacombe

Homeroom Teacher (English)

Natalie Brimacombe grew up in England where in 2009 she obtained her BEd (Hons) in Primary Education for The University College of St Mark and St John. She loves working within the Early Years sector and has been with SEIPS since 2013. Natalie believes in building strong, positive relationships with both children and parents (parents are a part of our team too!). She strives to make her classroom a fun, happy, safe and comfortable environment where every child is valued as an individual. Natalie is currently working on her Masters Degree in Inclusive Education and values the diversity of every class she has ever taught. Natalie is looking forward to starting her sixth year at SEIPS in the Ankylos class.

Winnie Wang-NEW

Winnie Wang

Homeroom Teacher (Chinese)

Winnie comes from Hubei, China.  After completing an associate’s degree in preschool education, she spent one year teaching in a private preschool.  She has teacher certification and is currently furthering her education in Preschool Education at Huadong Normal University. She believes that children learn through play and works hard to create a positive classroom environment full of love and encouragement.  Winnie is in her third year with SEIPS and is excited to be a classroom teacher for the Ankylos Class.

Chardae Schnabel

Chardae Schnabel

Homeroom Teacher (English)

Chardae is very excited to begin her second year here at SEIPS! Originally from Canada, Chardae has spent the majority of the last eight years loving living abroad (mostly between Spain and China). Chardae graduated with a degree in Psychology and Hispanic Studies from Trent University in the year 2012. Since graduating, she has had a rich experience educating children of many cultures. Chardaes first work experience with children focused on integration work for children with special needs. Since then, she has found a new passion working in the early years. Chardae is very happy to be returning as the Foreign Teacher in the Paras class!

Vivian Yuan

Vivian Yuan

Homeroom Teacher (Chinese)

Vivian graduated from Eastern China Normal University and has many years of Early Education experience. After seven years with SEIPS, Vivian has had the opportunity to teach every age group. She is very excited to work in the Nursery Cohort this year! She is a very energetic and strong teacher who loves life and reading. When Vivian is with children, she does not just view her role as a teacher but also as a friend. Vivian always believes that every child is special. She believes that education and love come hand in hand without any prejudice or bias. She wishes a happy and healthy year for her Paras!



Homeroom Teacher (English)

My name is Teacher Jani and I am from South Africa. This is my third year at SEIPS and I am overjoyed at being the foreign teacher in our wonderful Plesios class.

I have spent many years working with children in the fields of education and psychology and I am passionate about all learners having equal opportunities to achieve their potential, while fostering each learner’s uniqueness. I hold degrees in Psychology and Honours Psychology and am currently working on my Masters degree in Special Inclusive Education.  I am very fond of teaching Nursery level and hope that this year can be a wonderful year full of growth, learning, loving and laughing.

I look forward to meeting all of our Plesios and their parents and  cannot wait for all the adventures to unfold during this school year.

Sharon Liu-NEW

Sharon Liu

Homeroom Teacher (Chinese)

Hi, my name is Sharon. I am from Wuhan province in China. I am delighted to be the Mandarin teacher for the Plesios class of 2017-2018. I graduated from the Wuhan Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education as well as qualifying as a National Kindergarten Teacher. This is my fourth year at SEIPS and my focus is on the growth of children within the different domains of development. I particularly believe children learn best through developing activities that incorporate Gardeners Multiple Intelligences (MI). I embrace using the arts to foster and develop each child’s uniqueness and strive for comprehensive growth within all areas of development.

I am looking forward to getting to know our Plesios and their parents and hope for a year where we can experience and enjoy the growth of each child together.




Kate Noble

Homeroom Teacher (English)

Hello, I am Kate, I will be the foreign teacher in the Pteros room this year. I come from Australia where I completed by Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education. I have been teaching in the early childhood sector for over ten years and I consider maintaining children’s wellbeing to be the most important part of my role as an educator. I believe that in the early years, children require supportive relationships as the foundation upon which all learning and development can occur. I will dedicate my time getting to know your child as the unique individual they are. I am looking forward to learning more about your child and their distinctive interests over the coming months.


Ella Shen

Homeroom Teacher (Chinese)

Hello, I am Ella from Shanghai. I obtained my diploma in Early Childhood Education alongside my Senior Nursery Teaching Certification.  I have been teaching in SEIPS for five years and I am passionate about art.  I am a very warm and friendly teacher who likes my classroom to feel like a home. I love to see the development of children and feel proud when they progress and reach different levels of achievements. I strive to teach children to be respectful of one another and grateful for what they have.  I am excited to begin my fifth year with SEIPS and will be teaching your nursery aged children in the Pteros classroom.

Michelle Blaeser-NEW

Michelle Blaeser

Homeroom Teacher (English)

Michelle comes to us from Minnesota, USA with a BA in Japanese and thirteen years of teaching experience in Japan and China.  She has a special passion for young learners and is currently working on her Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education.  She believes that children learn best when they are engaged in their own learning and strives to create a safe and nurturing learning environment where children feel confident and challenged to constantly experience new and exciting things.  Michelle is eager to begin her third year with SEIPS as a classroom teacher for the Pachyos class.



Homeroom Teacher (Chinese)

Kiki commenced at SEIPS in 2013 with a strong background in teaching early childhood education and has  twelve years experience. Kiki is a very enthusiastic teacher who likes to challenge her children whilst at the same time ensuring they are comfortable and happy when learning. Kiki is proud to be the homeroom teacher of the Kindergarten children in the Pachyos classroom this year.



Homeroom Teacher (English)

Francesca has worked in Shanghai for four years teaching children across the primary age range and in an international kindergarten. Last summer, she returned to England to obtain her PGCE and QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). She is passionate about injecting creativity, positivity and fun into the classroom! Francesca will be the Homeroom Teacher in the Brontos class this year, she is so looking forward to starting this new chapter with the SEIPS family!


Mandy Hua

Homeroom Teacher (Chinese)

Mandy Hua joined SEIPS in 2014 with seven years of experience in primary school and middle school. During her time at SEIPS, she has worked with children from three to six years of age. Mandy has a passion for teaching and inspiring young learners to achieve their future goals and aspirations. This year, Mandy will be the Mandarin Homeroom Teacher in the Brontos class and she is looking forward to bringing her patience, enthusiasm and expertise to a new class!



Homeroom Teacher (English)

Alice has recently returned to China after residing back in her home country of England to complete her Post Graduate Certificate of Education specializing in mathematics, special educational needs and music. Her teaching experience ranged from teaching 3-11 year olds, but she quickly realized her passion for early education. Previous to this, Alice completed an honors degree in Drama studies, for which she is extremely passionate about and incorporates into many areas of the classroom. Alice then moved to China and proceeded to teach early years education in Shanghai for four years. She is excited to begin her journey teaching the Ceras class at SEIPS this year and strives to create an open-minded and inclusive environment, promoting equality and allowing every child to reach their full potential.

Nic Qiu-NEW copy

Nick Qiu

Homeroom Teacher (Chinese)

Nick has already been a part of the SEIPS team for two years and thoroughly enjoys working in early education. Nick has worked in the pre-primary age range for the entirety of this period and has therefore gained a wealth of knowledge on assisting children in their learning journey and helping them to graduate to their new School of choice. Because of this, Nick has now progressed to mandarin teacher for the Ceras class. Previous to his working life at SEIPS, Nick gained his master’s degree in Sculpture, graduating from Shanghai University in 2015. Nick is passionate about the arts and includes this in all areas of his teaching to enhance the creativity of learning.



Homeroom Teacher (English)

Mahalia is from sunny southern California—ask her where the best surf spots in Venice Beach are!   She graduated from University of California, Irvine, and earned her teaching credential in Early Childhood Education after that.  Mahalia loves to travel and she has previously studied abroad in Shanghai and Taiwan. She has taught early years in California, Kuwait, and now China for four years.  She is looking forward to a fantastic year with her fellow T-Rexs—RAWR!


Ann Ma

Homeroom Teacher (Chinese)

Ann Ma is a native to Shanghai and studied at Shanghai University.  She loves her city and welcomes our foreign friends to Shanghai.  Ann has been with SEIPS for five years and is excited for the opportunity to work with our pre-primary class, T-Rex!  Ann is passionate about art enthusiastic about teaching, and patient with children. Ann has an adorable ten month year old son at home.  Ms Ann says, “Welcome to our school and I hope we have a great school year!”