Summer Camp Week 2: Navigators 1 & 2 – Update

Week 10-14 July, 2017

Theme: Camping in the Jungle


Dear lovely families,


We are having a fantastic time during Week Two of Summer Camp, themed: Camping in the Jungle.

The Navigators have been enjoying the classroom camp out, complete with animal furs and telescopes for exploring. This week our gross motor area also had lots of dramatic elements so that the children could pretend to row boats down the amazon river! We played with jungle animals, sand and leaves in our sensory area this week. Also, as a special sensory experience, we felt, heard, smelled and tasted coconut water and meat. It was very funny to watch the teachers try to break the coconuts open because they are very, very hard! Our art projects this week included using the coconut husks to make little people, making a cool jungle scene, painting tigers, and using our imaginations to create our own works of art.


我们第二周夏令营主题是: 在丛林中露营。我们一起度过了一段美好的时光 。航海家们享受着教室外面的野营营地,穿上上动物皮毛,带上望远镜来探索丛林的一切。本周,我们的大肌肉运动区域也充满了许多戏剧性的元素,这样孩子们就可以假装在亚马逊河上划船了!我们在感官区一起玩丛林动物、沙子和树叶。而且,作为一种特殊的感官体验,我们一起触摸椰子、听椰子里面的声音、闻椰子的味道,尝椰子汁和肉的口感。看着老师们试图把椰子打开,这是很有趣的,因为打开椰子真的非常、非常难!我们这个星期的艺术项目包括用椰子壳制作小矮人,制作一个很酷的丛林场景,画老虎,用我们的想象力来创作我们自己的艺术作品。

This week we also had a special guest visitor come to the school to show how to play the violin. The children loved singing and dancing along to our favorite songs! Thank you Max’s daddy for coming to share your musical talent with us!


We ended our week with a jungle themed party in the gym which included face painting, coconut bowling, and trying some of the different fruits which grow in the jungle.


Next week’s theme will be “Camping in the Snow” which we hope will give children a refreshing change from all of the hot weather we have had recently.



Notes for Parents:

Our school is currently undergoing renovations to improve our program. As a result, our outdoor playground will be closed from Monday, July 17th onwards. The children’s outdoor play activities will be relocated to the courtyard area  so as to do not disrupt their play schedule.



For camp registrations, to ensure a smooth transition from week to week, the last day of summer camp registration will be due every week on Thursdays before 4pm. Thank you for your co-operation and understanding in this.


Thanks all and have a great weekend,


The Navigators Team


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