U.N Day Celebrations

For the kids at SEIPS, U.N Day is all about celebrating the diversity of our school. We celebrated by dressing up in national costumes, sharing traditional foods and information about our homelands.

This year we decided to celebrate with a full morning of fun activities! The children discovered the 7 continents moving from activity to activity organised by our English Teaching team.

In Antarctica they listened to whale, penguin and seal sounds whilst painting with colored ice cubes. In North America they pretended to be cowboys, throwing a lasso around a target. In South America they danced to funky samba beats. Over in Australia they learnt about the special animals that live there. The children went on safari in Africa looking through binoculars for animals hidden around the gym. Finally in Asia the children learnt lots of funny traditonal games, like the laughing game form the Phillipines and fortune telling from China.

Check out the fun below!